[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Minutes from 2008-12-24

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 03:01:54 UTC 2009

(08:00:00 PM) inode0: FAmNA Meeting:
(08:00:05 PM) inode0: Roll Call please
(08:00:16 PM) ***ianweller lurks
(08:00:32 PM) herlo has changed the topic to: FAmNA meeting, agenda
available at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2008-12-23#Agenda
(08:00:45 PM) herlo: .fas herlo
(08:00:46 PM) zodbot: herlo: herlo 'Clint Savage' <herlo1 at gmail.com>
(08:01:06 PM) QUICKSTART: hello all
(08:01:12 PM) QUICKSTART: ready to start
(08:01:16 PM) ***lcafiero is present, using his inferior xchat
(08:01:23 PM) herlo: lol
(08:01:33 PM) inode0: Announcements
(08:01:46 PM) ***jds2001 here
(08:01:48 PM) ***DemonJester present
(08:02:06 PM) inode0: I'd like to congratulate everyone involved in
the FAmSCo elections - especially Larry and David
(08:02:35 PM) lcafiero: Especially David -- congratulations ke4qqq
(08:02:53 PM) jds2001: thank you for running both of you :)
(08:02:57 PM) herlo: w00t!
(08:03:12 PM) ***herlo will run next election and win! :)
(08:03:30 PM) ianweller: well if that isn't a campaign promise i dunno what is
(08:03:40 PM) herlo: :-D
(08:03:50 PM) herlo: speaking of the almight ke4qqq, where is he?
(08:03:57 PM) herlo: s/ght/ghty/
(08:03:59 PM) ***jds2001 promised a $700 billion bailout in the board
election and didn't win!
(08:04:01 PM) ***inode0 is lost
(08:04:02 PM) jds2001: :)
(08:04:09 PM) ianweller: jds2001: hmm wonder why :)
(08:04:11 PM) inode0:
(08:04:12 PM) ianweller: jds2001: ;)
(08:04:15 PM) jds2001: :)
(08:04:22 PM) lcafiero: heh
(08:04:25 PM) inode0: Be sure to read fugolini's report if you haven't
(08:04:27 PM) herlo: jds2001: I saw that
(08:04:39 PM) ***lcafiero slaps forehead and mutters "that's where I went wrong"
(08:05:00 PM) inode0: And other announcements?
(08:05:03 PM) inode0: Any
(08:05:04 PM) herlo: lcafiero had the best concession speech, however
(08:05:11 PM) herlo: WE HAVE LIVE CDs
(08:05:18 PM) herlo: http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/files/f10media/
(08:05:18 PM) lcafiero: Woo hoo!
(08:05:29 PM) inode0: lcafiero's concession speech proved he should
have been elected, which some of us knew all along :)
(08:05:33 PM) herlo: best pic:
(08:05:35 PM) jds2001: w00t!
(08:05:46 PM) inode0: that is a topic herlo, not an announcement!
(08:05:58 PM) herlo: inode0: oh, sorry
(08:06:04 PM) ***herlo slaps his own hand
(08:06:20 PM) herlo: and cries -_^
(08:06:20 PM) DemonJester: herlo: inode0 already beat you to that :)
(08:06:35 PM) herlo: lol, it's kind of a funny night tonight, now isn't it?
(08:06:59 PM) inode0: Ok, let's get to any topics herlo doesn't spoil
in the announcements section now
(08:07:09 PM) DemonJester: lol
(08:07:10 PM) ***herlo rescinds his announcement, dons a dunce cap and
sits facing the corner of the room
(08:07:19 PM) ianweller: it's like opening christmas presents early. bad!
(08:07:25 PM) inode0: Scheduling guest speakers ...
(08:07:30 PM) herlo: roflmao
(08:07:32 PM) ***DemonJester points out the room is round and watches
herlo look for the corner
(08:07:42 PM) herlo: roflmao again!
(08:07:46 PM) inode0: I contacted mmcgrath and he will speak to us
about infra in January sometime
(08:07:59 PM) herlo: very nice
(08:08:18 PM) lcafiero: heh
(08:08:33 PM) herlo: I need to talk with rdieter this coming week
about having packagemaintainers come and talk with us too
(08:08:36 PM) inode0: I'd like to encourage the rest of you if you
haven't to try to line someone up
(08:08:53 PM) ***herlo wants a task
(08:09:07 PM) inode0: tasks come later herlo
(08:09:08 PM) ***jds2001 can speak for fesco sometime if that's desired.
(08:09:23 PM) inode0: :)
(08:09:27 PM) herlo: inode0: no, I want to be assigned to remmeber
(08:09:31 PM) ***jds2001 kicks herlo
(08:09:40 PM) inode0: assign yourself a task then
(08:09:50 PM) DemonJester: lol
(08:09:51 PM) herlo: oh :(
(08:09:57 PM) herlo: fine!
(08:10:03 PM) DemonJester: roflmao...
(08:10:08 PM) inode0: would anyone be interested in trying to get an
overview of legal issues from spot?
(08:10:12 PM) jds2001: oh, if a trac instance might be useful to you
guys, that can be easily arranged.
(08:10:26 PM) herlo: inode0: ianweller was doing that for some other
stuff, we should get him to do it
(08:10:33 PM) ianweller: do what
(08:10:43 PM) herlo: what inode0 said
(08:10:52 PM) inode0: assign yourself a task ianweller
(08:10:54 PM) jds2001: getting spot to talk about legal things?
(08:10:55 PM) herlo: jds2001: I'd be interested in that, but the wiki seems okay
(08:11:16 PM) jds2001: whatever you'd like :)
(08:11:17 PM) ***inode0 thinks this meeting spun out of control early
(08:11:28 PM) ianweller: "talk with us" you mean like in this meeting?
(08:11:31 PM) ianweller: or.... what
(08:11:40 PM) herlo: yes, but not tonight
(08:11:40 PM) inode0: yes
(08:11:46 PM) herlo: at another meeting
(08:11:48 PM) inode0: here is what I'm thinking
(08:11:52 PM) inode0: more precisely
(08:12:17 PM) inode0: a lot of new ambassadors and some old too may
benefit from a good overview of legal issues that touch on Fedora
(08:12:33 PM) inode0: whether that happens in this meeting or
elsewhere I don't care
(08:12:38 PM) ianweller: like [[ForbiddenItems]] ?
(08:12:55 PM) jds2001: that and other things.
(08:13:33 PM) inode0: I'm in the channel now but still lost ... what
is ianweller being asked to do?
(08:13:42 PM) ianweller: yeah. seriously.
(08:13:50 PM) ***ianweller scratches head
(08:13:52 PM) herlo: inode0: talk with wpot
(08:13:53 PM) herlo: spot
(08:13:55 PM) jds2001: ianweller: get spot to talk about legal items.
(08:14:02 PM) inode0: oh, ok
(08:14:02 PM) herlo: about coming to talk with us about legal
(08:14:04 PM) ***ianweller writes that down
(08:14:12 PM) ianweller: are meetings every tuesday, right?
(08:14:17 PM) herlo: since he has to have him come and talk about his
picture book anyway
(08:14:21 PM) herlo: ianweller: yep
(08:14:26 PM) jds2001: yes, every tuesday at 9PM
(08:14:36 PM) ianweller: mokayu
(08:14:37 PM) inode0: ianweller: yes, and it doesn't have to be real
soon, a month after FUDcon so we could promote it is fine
(08:14:40 PM) ianweller: mokay*
(08:14:46 PM) inode0: or later at spot's convenience
(08:15:13 PM) ianweller: ok!
(08:15:17 PM) herlo: 9pm EST
(08:15:33 PM) jds2001: the only timezone that matters for anything :)
(08:15:35 PM) inode0: ok, next agenda item (non announcement variety)
is media update
(08:15:46 PM) herlo: yay!
(08:15:53 PM) herlo: we have LiveCDs!
(08:15:56 PM) inode0: show us the pictures!
(08:16:03 PM) herlo: mkay
(08:16:05 PM) inode0: also fill us in on UPS
(08:16:15 PM) herlo: http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/files/f10media
(08:16:17 PM) ianweller: pix or it didn't happen >.>    ;)
(08:16:22 PM) herlo: inode0: I have more about media
(08:16:24 PM) lcafiero: lol
(08:16:25 PM) inode0: and while you are giving yourself a task that
one can be closed :)
(08:16:53 PM) inode0: floor is yours herlo, go
(08:16:57 PM) herlo: I know
(08:17:02 PM) herlo: :-D
(08:17:04 PM) ***herlo dances
(08:17:16 PM) DemonJester: keep your shirt on!
(08:17:24 PM) inode0: shirts are next! stop it!
(08:17:32 PM) DemonJester: lol
(08:17:42 PM) herlo: okay, so I talked with the media company today
and we're placing another order tomorrow for ~2300 DVDs
(08:18:06 PM) herlo: both x86 and x86_64
(08:18:49 PM) DemonJester: cool!
(08:18:53 PM) herlo: that will be approximately $1800 with tax and all
(08:19:05 PM) inode0: oh, so 1150 each
(08:19:10 PM) herlo: What I need to do next is divvy up the media and
get it distributed
(08:19:20 PM) herlo: inode0: no, ~2300 each
(08:19:32 PM) herlo: or we can get 3000 CDs
(08:19:36 PM) inode0: 4600 for 1800, that doesn't add up
(08:19:36 PM) QUICKSTART: nice
(08:19:57 PM) herlo: no
(08:20:09 PM) herlo: $2300 each totalling 4600 for $3600
(08:20:15 PM) herlo: s/$//
(08:20:19 PM) herlo: scratch that first $
(08:20:22 PM) inode0: we get the idea now
(08:20:30 PM) herlo: goodness!
(08:20:57 PM) herlo: I've take the time to update the art online so
they will have 64-bit sleeves and disc labels
(08:21:08 PM) herlo: I'll have it all up there by tomorrow morning
(08:21:10 PM) inode0: or we can get 3000 CDs + what?
(08:21:22 PM) herlo: inode0: okay, let me recap
(08:21:33 PM) herlo: about 3 days ago, I sent an email with three options
(08:21:59 PM) herlo: one was to get LiveCDs x86_64 and Install DVDs
(of one type or the other) for the full $3600
(08:22:11 PM) herlo: another was to get Install DVDs of x86 and x86_64
(08:22:24 PM) herlo: this was the one we went with per the responses
(08:22:49 PM) QUICKSTART: but doesn't the dvd install take to long?
(08:22:52 PM) herlo: inode0: make sense?
(08:23:00 PM) herlo: QUICKSTART: we already have x86 LiveCDs
(08:23:09 PM) inode0: yes, I agree with getting as many DVDs as we can
for the $3600
(08:23:11 PM) QUICKSTART: ahhh ic carrry on
(08:23:14 PM) herlo: and it only taks ~20mins...
(08:23:20 PM) ***ke4qqq thanks herlo for using the cluebat
(08:23:43 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: np
(08:23:48 PM) ***QUICKSTART rubs the nobs on his head do to the cluebat
(08:24:00 PM) ke4qqq: ohhhhh we have media!!!
(08:24:03 PM) herlo: okay, so that order will be in
(08:24:11 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: yes!! thanks for joining us :)
(08:24:27 PM) ***herlo moves to UPS
(08:24:29 PM) ke4qqq: so will they have it before you leave for BOS?
(08:24:32 PM) herlo: inode0: that okay?
(08:24:38 PM) inode0: yes
(08:24:45 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: yes, I believe so
(08:24:49 PM) herlo: that's my next topic
(08:24:52 PM) ke4qqq: outstanding
(08:25:10 PM) ***QUICKSTART jumps for joy but falls out of his computer chair
(08:25:18 PM) herlo: so it appears that the issue was with the sleeve
printing and the art delay.  I'm going to have the art tomorrow so it
should only take 10-15 days at most
(08:25:22 PM) herlo: that should be enough time
(08:25:36 PM) herlo: I've told him we need them by Jan 7, that's the
night I leave for FUDCon
(08:25:50 PM) ke4qqq: really...... that's interesting feedback - we
should document that on the wiki.
(08:25:53 PM) herlo: so we *should* have it
(08:26:17 PM) ke4qqq: any chance we can include a failure to perform penalty?
(08:26:23 PM) herlo: no
(08:26:26 PM) herlo: price is too good
(08:26:26 PM) QUICKSTART: question where is the cds being shipped from
(08:26:32 PM) herlo: QUICKSTART: my house
(08:26:33 PM) inode0: let's not negotiate contracts until spot gets here
(08:26:38 PM) herlo: hehe
(08:26:48 PM) herlo: here's the deal with shipping
(08:27:07 PM) ***loupgaroublond lurks and trolls in the background, hi folks
(08:27:07 PM) ***QUICKSTART slams his hand to his forehead and shouts
'Of course why couldn't I have thought of that'
(08:27:12 PM) herlo: I have a request from stickster for 100+ LiveCDs
which I'll be sending out tomorrow
(08:27:35 PM) inode0: for FUDcon I presume
(08:27:36 PM) herlo: in addition, the boxes hold 310 each and there
are 9 of those boxes
(08:27:46 PM) ***ke4qqq notes that we still have several package
reviews outstanding so no sponsor should get any til those are cleared
(08:27:49 PM) herlo: one box has 260, and I'm keeping that one
(08:27:57 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: lol
(08:28:20 PM) herlo: anyway, I figure I'll bring 620 CDs plus all the
Install DVDs to FUDCon to give away to contributors there
(08:28:31 PM) ke4qqq: f13 also requested some - wonder if he can wait
til fudcon?
(08:28:33 PM) herlo: so that means we have about 2200 CDs to distribute
(08:28:38 PM) stickster: herlo: If you want to bring them to FUDCon,
that would be fine
(08:28:39 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: true
(08:28:43 PM) loupgaroublond: herlo, are you taking orders for who
will pick them up at fudcon?
(08:28:45 PM) herlo: stickster: okay
(08:28:45 PM) stickster: I don't want to bog you down
(08:28:50 PM) herlo: just wait
(08:28:56 PM) herlo: here's the plan I was thinking :)
(08:29:04 PM) herlo: I'll get them shipped to the Regional Ambassadors
(08:29:06 PM) herlo: tomorrow
(08:29:17 PM) ke4qqq: what's shipping cost?
(08:29:22 PM) herlo: they should arrive before FUDCon as I'll use 3 day
(08:29:27 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: at this point, don't know
(08:29:29 PM) ***ke4qqq cringes
(08:29:41 PM) herlo: probably not more than $20 each
(08:29:49 PM) jds2001: why use 3 day?
(08:29:51 PM) QUICKSTART: dude sweet deal
(08:29:53 PM) herlo: but I think it's important to get them out
(08:29:58 PM) ke4qqq: when I shipped the laptop to inode0 it was 17  bucks
(08:30:02 PM) jds2001: ground will work to get it there by fudcon
(08:30:02 PM) herlo: jds2001: just getting them in the hands of contributors
(08:30:04 PM) inode0: I don't need them before FUDcon
(08:30:14 PM) herlo: jds2001: before
(08:30:20 PM) inode0: either way
(08:30:24 PM) herlo: but here's why
(08:30:43 PM) herlo: the Regional Ambassadors for NA will be the point
persons for delivering media to folks in their region
(08:31:02 PM) herlo: I will have a hard time getting too many extra
things on the plane without having to pay extra for them
(08:31:09 PM) ke4qqq: true
(08:31:12 PM) herlo: Delta now charges $25/bag
(08:31:18 PM) ***herlo will be able to get one bag
(08:31:27 PM) herlo: for free, but after that it's still $25/bag
(08:31:34 PM) herlo: so the cost is actually better
(08:31:35 PM) inode0: shipping them is definitely better than carrying
them to Boston to give to us to carry back home imo
(08:31:40 PM) ***ke4qqq is fine with standard shipping though.
(08:31:42 PM) herlo: inode0: right
(08:31:52 PM) herlo: I'll look at the delivery times in the morning
(08:31:53 PM) inode0: standard is fine with me too
(08:31:58 PM) QUICKSTART: you are correct sir hioooooo
(08:32:26 PM) inode0: although I'm eager to see them in person ...
(08:32:29 PM) ***DemonJester is in no hurry to get them either
(08:32:30 PM) herlo: but I want to have them there *before* FUDCOn so
that when requests come, we can distribute them effectively
(08:32:40 PM) herlo: which means they need to be in your hands before FUDCon
(08:33:03 PM) herlo: IMO
(08:33:16 PM) DemonJester: check the costs then determine which
shipping method is best
(08:33:22 PM) herlo: right
(08:33:40 PM) herlo: I think 3-day will be fairly close to ground and
thus I chose that
(08:33:43 PM) inode0: ok, let's let which shipping method is used
dangle and move on
(08:33:45 PM) herlo: but it does depend on cost
(08:33:53 PM) herlo: inode0: okay, so last thing
(08:34:04 PM) ke4qqq: !
(08:34:12 PM) herlo: please all regional ambassadors (and lcafiero)
send me your snail mail addresses
(08:34:16 PM) herlo: herlo at fp.o
(08:34:26 PM) inode0: ke4qqq:
(08:34:38 PM) herlo: I'll take requests from others as well, but I
reserve the right to pass them to the right ambassador for fulfillment
(08:34:41 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: go
(08:34:43 PM) inode0: first he gets elected then he gets all formal on us
(08:34:50 PM) ke4qqq: so also guys - you can order ups supplies for
free from ups, so you get boxes and stuff
(08:34:57 PM) ***ke4qqq didn't want to interrupt herlo
(08:35:05 PM) ke4qqq: order those soon they take 3-4 days to deliver
(08:35:16 PM) ke4qqq: and that will give you something to ship media in
(08:35:20 PM) jds2001: we already have our own packaging.
(08:35:23 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: perfect, I'll do that so I can get one
box to bring everything else in
(08:35:27 PM) jds2001: oh, for the regionals, yeah
(08:35:35 PM) ke4qqq: and also remember this is supposed to last 6 months
(08:35:38 PM) ke4qqq: or 5
(08:35:40 PM) ke4qqq: but same thing
(08:35:42 PM) herlo: so everyone should have everything by mid-week next
(08:35:44 PM) inode0: which packaging are you suggesting for this?
(08:35:48 PM) QUICKSTART: so is there a limit for the amount of cds we
can ask for?
(08:36:03 PM) herlo: QUICKSTART: nope, but you need to justify the amount
(08:36:06 PM) ***ke4qqq isn't suggesting anything - just that you
order packaging
(08:36:11 PM) herlo: in some form.  I think we'll hash that out this week
(08:36:14 PM) QUICKSTART: cool
(08:36:18 PM) QUICKSTART: understandable
(08:36:24 PM) herlo: in fact, inode0 can we make a task to hash that
out by next meeting :)
(08:36:39 PM) inode0: hash what out?
(08:37:11 PM) inode0: well, I can make hash that out a task anyway :)
(08:37:21 PM) jds2001: how to determine who gets how much media :)
(08:37:22 PM) herlo: hash out how we deliver to regionals
(08:37:26 PM) lcafiero: Mmmmm hash
(08:37:31 PM) herlo: er, individuals
(08:37:58 PM) herlo: as far as UPS goes, I was able to add myself to
the account yesterday without any hassle
(08:38:09 PM) ***DemonJester did as well
(08:38:11 PM) ***jds2001 suggests DemonJester getting two boxes and
giving one to me :)
(08:38:24 PM) DemonJester: lol
(08:38:24 PM) ke4qqq: if you need to know, I can tell you what the
only charge is for
(08:38:29 PM) ke4qqq: and how much
(08:38:32 PM) ke4qqq: and where it's going
(08:38:38 PM) ke4qqq: and how much I said it weighed
(08:38:40 PM) inode0: as did I, as soon as someone bills against it
I'll be convinced my 2 hours on the phone with UPS was an utter waste
of time
(08:38:44 PM) jds2001: put it on the wiki someplace?
(08:39:04 PM) herlo: inode0: we'll know tonight as soon as I get snail
mail addresses
(08:39:12 PM) ***ke4qqq has billed against it
(08:39:19 PM) inode0: ok, so we have media and we have UPS accounts
(08:39:26 PM) inode0: ke4qqq is special
(08:39:35 PM) ke4qqq: ohhh one other thing
(08:39:43 PM) inode0: ok, I'm about to move on
(08:39:48 PM) ke4qqq: try and ship to your $dayjob if that isn't verboten
(08:39:55 PM) ke4qqq: it's cheaper to ship to a commercial place
(08:39:58 PM) ke4qqq: eof
(08:40:20 PM) inode0: t-shirt update - the floor belongs to DemonJester
(08:40:24 PM) jds2001: what if $dyajob is at home 90% of the time :)
(08:40:45 PM) ***QUICKSTART thinks 'what would have happended to snail
mail if we didn't have snails?'
(08:41:02 PM) herlo: sloth mail
(08:41:06 PM) inode0: Is DemonJester still with us?
(08:41:12 PM) ***herlo yields to DemonJester
(08:41:14 PM) DemonJester: T-shirts were ordered today, printing
begins on Monday should be delivered to RH Boston by Jan 7 / 8
(08:41:19 PM) ***QUICKSTART 'so true so true'
(08:41:28 PM) herlo: DemonJester: w00T!
(08:41:36 PM) jds2001: w00t!
(08:41:49 PM) QUICKSTART: 0.0
(08:41:49 PM) inode0: what is the thinking about getting them from
Boston to wherever they are really going?
(08:41:52 PM) jds2001: whose attm?
(08:42:06 PM) jds2001: hopefully someone who knows to expect em :)
(08:42:21 PM) DemonJester: inode0: no clue.. pack them in suit case??
(08:42:29 PM) jds2001: inode0: my thinking is throw em in the eventbox, no?
(08:42:29 PM) ***inode0 travels light
(08:42:35 PM) DemonJester: jds2001: mizmo is expecting them
(08:42:42 PM) inode0: 300 shirts aren't going into the event box
(08:42:43 PM) ***QUICKSTART 'good idea but I ain't doing it'
(08:42:57 PM) ke4qqq: I can take a large number of them
(08:43:06 PM) herlo: jds2001: DemonJester: we do need to get the
Eastern EventBox created and that would be a good start :)
(08:43:07 PM) ***ke4qqq isn't flying
(08:43:12 PM) jds2001: 300 shirts aren't going in my suitcase either -
I travel with a carryon :)
(08:43:22 PM) jds2001: 10 might if you're lucky :)
(08:43:23 PM) ***QUICKSTART flaps his arms and doesn't get anywhere
(08:43:26 PM) ***inode0 says ditto to jds2001
(08:43:41 PM) ke4qqq: 300 shirts is a LOT
(08:43:56 PM) DemonJester: I can change the shipping if need be
(08:44:02 PM) DemonJester: 9 boxes in all
(08:44:12 PM) ke4qqq: can we split shipping
(08:44:14 PM) herlo: DemonJester: I think RH Boston is perfect
(08:44:18 PM) herlo: for me
(08:44:22 PM) ke4qqq: 2 boxes? to each
(08:44:26 PM) ke4qqq: herlo: why?
(08:44:27 PM) QUICKSTART: so we have to pay for the shirts?
(08:44:29 PM) inode0: ok, we'll figure this out but if any are
expected to end up with me they'll need to be shipped most likely
(maybe by me from FUDcon)
(08:44:39 PM) ke4qqq: you have to pay 50 to get them back on the plane
(08:44:49 PM) herlo: true
(08:45:08 PM) ke4qqq: why not ship two to each regional
(08:45:09 PM) herlo: I was going to be building the AmbassadorKits at
FUDCon, so I'll probably have a need for at least one box
(08:45:15 PM) ke4qqq: if that isn't too complex
(08:45:18 PM) ke4qqq: and one to fudcon
(08:45:23 PM) herlo: I don't see that being too bad
(08:45:25 PM) jds2001: QUICKSTART: the ambassador polos, yes
(08:45:31 PM) DemonJester: ke4qqq: that would run up the shipping
charges more than likely
(08:45:32 PM) inode0: if they are a mix that isn't bad
(08:45:32 PM) herlo: it's pretty much the same as Media
(08:45:42 PM) QUICKSTART: but for the ones being printed?
(08:45:47 PM) ke4qqq: we'll have to pay it one way or another
(08:45:49 PM) QUICKSTART: polos not so much
(08:45:58 PM) DemonJester: I can check with them, they are closed until Monday
(08:45:58 PM) QUICKSTART: k
(08:46:05 PM) ke4qqq: k
(08:46:14 PM) DemonJester: I will need your snail mails then as well
(08:46:25 PM) DemonJester: bpowell01 at fp.o
(08:46:32 PM) ***herlo sends that off
(08:46:33 PM) jds2001: QUICKSTART: these are shirts we give out at
larger events or in an AmbassadorKit
(08:46:39 PM) inode0: why don't the four of us exchange mail and phone
numbers and be done with that tonight? :)
(08:47:04 PM) ke4qqq: arrghhh now you suggest that after the second email
(08:47:12 PM) DemonJester: lol
(08:47:20 PM) QUICKSTART: so basically if we order a kit we get one?
(08:47:23 PM) herlo: inode0: agreed
(08:47:26 PM) ***QUICKSTART crosses my fingers
(08:47:43 PM) ***herlo thinks it would be good to have role based
perms in FAS to do just that
(08:48:01 PM) jds2001: there is :)
(08:48:09 PM) G_work: btw, you can send to groupname-sponsors at fp.o etc
(08:48:15 PM) jds2001: if you're in the 'accounts' group you can see
that stuff :)
(08:48:28 PM) herlo: not mailing address no?
(08:48:34 PM) herlo: oh accounts
(08:48:37 PM) DemonJester: eof
(08:48:39 PM) G_work: herlo: oh right, doh
(08:48:40 PM) ***jds2001 going to be sending to provenpackager-members
tonight :)
(08:48:46 PM) ***inode0 notes we can close the UPS account creation
task and there are no other tasks to process tonight
(08:49:10 PM) herlo: yay!
(08:49:17 PM) ***herlo puts another mark in his belt
(08:49:19 PM) inode0: Open Floor Melee - feel free to throw mud
(08:49:29 PM) ***jds2001 throws mud all around
(08:49:33 PM) ***ke4qqq splats ianweller with mud
(08:49:44 PM) G_work: I have one item as an outsider, Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year, and a Great FUDCon
(08:49:54 PM) jds2001: G_work: :)
(08:49:56 PM) ke4qqq: thanks G_work
(08:49:58 PM) inode0: we will all see you there
(08:50:04 PM) ***DemonJester pulls up chair and watches the two honeys
wrestle in the mud :)
(08:50:07 PM) G_work: inode0: no you won't :)
(08:50:16 PM) inode0: you don't have a webcam?
(08:50:33 PM) G_work: inode0: I'll be sleeping most likely during the
FUDCon hours
(08:50:35 PM) ***inode0 makes a note to project a picture of G on the wall
(08:50:37 PM) ianweller: lolwut
(08:50:39 PM) ianweller: this meeting is nuts
(08:51:03 PM) herlo: ianweller: it's not normally like this, just tonight :)
(08:51:04 PM) QUICKSTART: wow
(08:51:07 PM) herlo: must be the full moon
(08:51:10 PM) G_work: inode0: okay, I'll send you one from the Xmas party :)
(08:51:11 PM) DemonJester: ianweller: tis the season :)
(08:51:14 PM) inode0: ianweller: this is how productive people behave
two days before they get new toys
(08:51:20 PM) ianweller: someone get a lof of this and frame it
(08:51:20 PM) G_work: inode0: hold on :)
(08:51:23 PM) ***lcafiero waits to see if he can get a word about
FADNA in edgewise
(08:51:25 PM) ianweller: s/lof/log/
(08:51:39 PM) jds2001: lcafiero: sure!
(08:51:47 PM) herlo: lcafiero: go!
(08:51:54 PM) G_work: inode0:
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=75607&l=7451a&id=744113915 pick
one :)
(08:51:59 PM) herlo: don't listent to inode0, he's a stickler for
rules and stuff
(08:52:02 PM) inode0: ianweller: I will post the log as I always do
(08:52:05 PM) herlo: :)
(08:52:14 PM) inode0: timeout
(08:52:20 PM) inode0: lcafiero: please proceed
(08:52:26 PM) QUICKSTART: wish I could be a fudcon but for those
attending have fun
(08:52:40 PM) inode0: FADNA has the floor
(08:53:09 PM) lcafiero: Okay, FADNA: Talked to Ian and Gareth at SCaLE
and they'd be happy to have us. They have some conference rooms
available. I have to get from them the cost.
(08:53:19 PM) lcafiero: Ilan, not Ian, sorry.
(08:53:44 PM) lcafiero: Ilan suggests that we NOT have something
during SCaLE itself, but I told him that provisionally we'd have
something Sunday like OLF
(08:53:54 PM) lcafiero: (but I am not sure, really).
(08:54:28 PM) herlo: lcafiero: that sounds reasonable, but they do
SCALE on Sunday no?
(08:54:36 PM) lcafiero: So they're interested in having us. I haven't
talked with LFNW.
(08:54:58 PM) herlo: when I was there last year, it seemed Sunday was
filled with presentations as well...
(08:55:00 PM) lcafiero: SCaLE is on Sunday, too. Ilan's concerned that
our event might affect the Sunday program
(08:55:12 PM) lcafiero: But I think that's something he doesn't have
to worry about.
(08:55:39 PM) inode0: should we think about trying to be a test case
for the new FAD model?
(08:55:44 PM) herlo: I don't think FAD would affect SCaLE, but that
SCaLE would affect FAD
(08:55:55 PM) lcafiero: That could be. I will talk to him further about that.
(08:56:08 PM) lcafiero: Again, I don't have OLF as a reference point
because I wasn't there.
(08:56:19 PM) herlo: what about a FAD BoF or FAD room for the day.  We
are going to hav ea booth, we could do something with that I don't
(08:56:22 PM) lcafiero: But I'm assuming FADNA will be held on Sunday
morn and early afternoon, like OLF
(08:56:26 PM) herlo: sounds like something else to continue hashing out
(08:56:33 PM) inode0: I think it might be worth shooting for Q1 or
early Q2 if we can pair up with another group
(08:56:41 PM) lcafiero: I have to keep talking with these two, but the
overall tone is that they want us there.
(08:56:45 PM) lcafiero: Which is kind of cool.
(08:57:03 PM) herlo: :)
(08:57:14 PM) inode0: there may well be funding available to do that right
(08:57:53 PM) lcafiero: That's their main question -- how much we have
to spend. My response is "how much is the meeting room, for starters?"
(08:57:58 PM) lcafiero: We're at that point now.
(08:58:14 PM) lcafiero: I'll continue updates this week on the mailing list.
(08:58:16 PM) inode0: we really have little to spend in Feb
(08:58:30 PM) lcafiero: That's a good point for going with LFNW in April.
(08:59:05 PM) inode0: would have more in April, perhaps a lot more if
we try to work with another Fedora group
(08:59:12 PM) inode0: rather than with a conference
(08:59:45 PM) lcafiero: I'd like to go with LFNW myself, but will go
with the will of the group.
(09:00:17 PM) herlo: lcafiero: chase LFNW if you ask me
(09:00:18 PM) jds2001: LFNW could use our presence, IMO
(09:00:21 PM) inode0: since there is a new vision proposed for FAD I
think we should at least serious think about trying to work with that
(09:00:31 PM) herlo: try to pursue both and report back next week?
(09:00:59 PM) lcafiero: Will do.
(09:01:10 PM) lcafiero: +1 to jds2001
(09:01:23 PM) ***lcafiero is doing three things at once at work -- new
personal best
(09:01:25 PM) inode0: well to work with the new vision we need to find
other groups who are interested (or it would be nice to)
(09:02:07 PM) herlo: I think both California and Washington will have
lots of folks interested in Fedora
(09:02:15 PM) jds2001: but I need to get a flight across the country
soon if we're doing this on the west coast.
(09:02:27 PM) inode0: I think some advertising is needed to let
everyone know that they can participate in FAD now
(09:02:28 PM) lcafiero: indeed
(09:03:20 PM) jds2001: how bout stemming my flow of negative stuff
onto f-announce with such messagin :
(09:03:23 PM) jds2001: :)
(09:03:46 PM) inode0: perhaps it should be cleared with spevack, I
don't know if he is ready
(09:03:57 PM) inode0: he likely would do it I would think
(09:04:59 PM) inode0: ok, anything else for tonight?
(09:05:14 PM) QUICKSTART: nothing that I know
(09:05:20 PM) jds2001: is there a meeting next tuesday?
(09:05:21 PM) ***QUICKSTART holds his mouth shut
(09:05:24 PM) lcafiero: nothing here
(09:05:29 PM) inode0: GO Buffalo
(09:05:36 PM) inode0: 5
(09:05:36 PM) DemonJester: lol
(09:05:38 PM) QUICKSTART: lol Go Yankees
(09:05:40 PM) QUICKSTART: 4
(09:05:50 PM) jds2001: go Cardinals!
(09:05:53 PM) inode0: stop it, I have to start over when you interrupt
the countdown
(09:05:55 PM) jds2001: (baseball)
(09:05:56 PM) QUICKSTART: 3
(09:05:58 PM) lcafiero: Go Giants (baseball)
(09:06:00 PM) QUICKSTART: 2
(09:06:08 PM) inode0: do you want to get kicked QUICKSTART?
(09:06:12 PM) QUICKSTART: sorry
(09:06:16 PM) inode0: 5
(09:06:17 PM) inode0: 4
(09:06:19 PM) inode0: 3
(09:06:20 PM) inode0: 2
(09:06:22 PM) inode0: 1
(09:06:26 PM) inode0: thank you all
(09:06:28 PM) inode0: EOF

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