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fedora pens seems like a great idea

2009/3/27 David Anderson <dca at projectcellular.com>

> >2009/3/27 David Anderson <dca at projectcellular.com>:
> >> I know this is way out but is anybody planning on going to the Florida
> >Linux
> >> Show - Orlando in October?  I'm spoken for as a volunteer of the overall
> >> event but would be happy to help if anything needs to be set up, etc?
> >
> >
> >I travelled to the Florida Linux Show in Jacksonville and spoke a few
> >weeks ago, and Jack Aboutboul travelled down last year. I can't speak
> >to last year, though I hear through the grapevine that it was
> >disappointing. This year's Jacksonville show was very disappointing as
> >well from a turnout perspective; personally I wouldn't make the drive
> >(6 hours each way) again, but if someone was close we'd be happy to
> >equip you with swag, etc. I don't think any of us have experience with
> >the Orlando show, but I'd be concerned given the booth prices (I
> >assume the 600 dollar booth fee is the same regardless of the city)
> >and the low turnout we saw in JAX this year.
> >
> That's good to know, as it gets closer to that time I'll find out some
> more.  Can't think of anything that would be needed besides something
> simple:  pens or bags, etc.  I'll probably be a ticket-taker at the entrance
> so even if it's nothing more than an upside-down box with items on it, that
> would probably be fine...
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