[Ambassadors] Log from Ambassadors NA meeting

scott mcbrien smcbrien at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 01:59:59 UTC 2009

Hello all.  Meeting minutes and log can be found online:

Minutes: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-10-21/fedora-meeting.2009-10-21-01.00.html

Log: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-10-21/fedora-meeting.2009-10-21-01.00.log.html

And are also available, for your convenience, below:

1:00:19 <StabbyMc> #startmeeting
01:00:19 <zodbot> Meeting started Wed Oct 21 01:00:19 2009 UTC.  The
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01:00:19 <zodbot> lcameron: lcameron 'Leigh Cameron' <leighc at gmail.com>
01:00:19 * sseiersen is around
01:00:38 <sseiersen> .fas sseiersen
01:00:39 <zodbot> sseiersen: sseiersen 'Scott Seiersen' <aknut941 at aim.com>
01:00:47 <VileGent> .fas jbwillia
01:00:48 <zodbot> VileGent: jbwillia 'Ben Williams' <vaioof at yahoo.com>
- jbwilliams 'Jason Williams' <jb.williams at tiscali.co.uk>
01:00:50 <StabbyMc> #topic NA ambassadors Meeting 20091020
01:00:59 <StabbyMc> .fas smcbrien
01:01:00 <zodbot> StabbyMc: smcbrien '' <scott at mcbrien.net>
01:01:11 <nb> .FASINFO NB
01:01:12 <zodbot> nb: User "NB" doesn't exist
01:01:13 * inode0 yields the meeting to StabbyMc now since he just hijacked it
01:01:15 <nb> oops
01:01:17 <nb> .fasinfo nb
01:01:18 <zodbot> nb: User: nb, Name: Nick Bebout, email:
nick at bebout.net, Creation: 2007-04-05, IRC Nick: nb, Timezone:
America/Chicago, Locale: en, Extension: 5101458, GPG key ID: 154FDAF0,
Status: active
01:01:21 <zodbot> nb: Approved Groups: cla_done web fedorabugs
packager sysadmin-web sysadmin ambassadors marketing freemedia
cla_fedora sysadmin-test sysadmin-noc sysadmin-devel gitfama blogadmin
01:01:24 <zodbot> nb: Unapproved Groups: None
01:01:31 <StabbyMc> inode0: old habits...
01:01:43 * sseiersen thinks .fas is suffecient
01:01:57 <VileGent> sseiersen,  sometimes
01:02:00 <nb> sseiersen, i would, but it produces almost as long
output :) too many people with nb sometime in their name
01:02:15 <sseiersen> :)
01:02:21 <VileGent> sseiersen,  look at the output for me
01:02:23 <StabbyMc> Anyone else to enter themselves in the roll call?
01:03:35 <StabbyMc> #topic Announcement
01:03:41 <StabbyMc> Any announcements?
01:04:01 <sseiersen> None here.
01:04:24 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Events
01:04:46 <StabbyMc> Upcoming events info?  Requests?  Help?
01:05:14 <StabbyMc> PhrkOnLsh has ABLEconf coming up, is he here?
01:05:51 <StabbyMc> I guess that's a no
01:06:11 <StabbyMc> djf_jeff is doing his thing at JIT currently.
01:06:13 <sseiersen> He's here
01:06:20 <PhrkOnLsh> .fasinfo rrix
01:06:21 <zodbot> PhrkOnLsh: User: rrix, Name: Ryan Rix, email:
phrkonaleash at gmail.com, Creation: 2009-08-05, IRC Nick: PhrkOnLsh,
Timezone: US/Arizona, Locale: en, Extension: 5135425, GPG key ID:
0xA9BA939B3A78D8E1, Status: active
01:06:24 <zodbot> PhrkOnLsh: Approved Groups: cla_done fedorabugs
packager ambassadors cla_fedora
01:06:25 <PhrkOnLsh> I'm a bad boy and was late
01:06:27 <zodbot> PhrkOnLsh: Unapproved Groups: magazine
01:06:44 <StabbyMc> PhrkOnLsh: you all set for your event next week?
01:07:07 <Grantbow__> .fasinfo Grantbow
01:07:08 <zodbot> Grantbow__: User "Grantbow" doesn't exist
01:07:16 <PhrkOnLsh> StabbyMc: yup; We've got the swag, I've got a
table lined up, and my presentation is ready :-)
01:07:35 <StabbyMc> Awesome.  Need anything additional from us?
01:07:45 <PhrkOnLsh> Nope!
01:07:48 <Grantbow__> .fasinfo grantbow
01:07:50 <zodbot> Grantbow__: User: grantbow, Name: Grant Bowman,
email: grantbow at gmail.com, Creation: 2009-05-17, IRC Nick: Grantbow,
Timezone: US/Pacific, Locale: en, Extension: 5130365, GPG key ID: ,
Status: active
01:07:53 <zodbot> Grantbow__: Approved Groups: cla_done ambassadors cla_fedora
01:07:56 <zodbot> Grantbow__: Unapproved Groups: None
01:07:59 <PhrkOnLsh> I am even getting to help out Aaron Seigo in his
presentation :-)
01:08:10 <PhrkOnLsh> but that's outside the scope of this discussion.
I'm ready to go!
01:08:17 <StabbyMc> I don't know of any other upcoming events, anyone
else got anything that's maybe not on the events page?
01:08:39 <PhrkOnLsh> if anyone knows anyone who is interested,
however, could they please point them to the schedule at
01:09:10 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Budget Review
01:09:30 <StabbyMc> So I'm guessing not a whole lot has changed for budget.
01:09:42 <StabbyMc> One of the items brought up in the last meeting
was window clings
01:10:03 <StabbyMc> I'm waiting on some samples, but have some basic
pricing, and it looks good as long as the product looks good.
01:10:38 <VileGent> so do we need to file a ticket with the design team??
01:11:01 <StabbyMc> I can do that, I should have samples of clings in
another week or so.
01:11:03 <inode0> not for a logo
01:12:06 <StabbyMc> So I'm thinking next meeting I'll have firm
pricing and some ideas on what they should look like, which we can
01:12:50 <StabbyMc> So far we've talked about using the Virtical
Finity + fedora tag.
01:13:12 <StabbyMc> Who else has bugetary items?
01:13:27 <StabbyMc> budgetary even
01:13:34 <sseiersen> Evil Robot Conference?
01:13:50 * sseiersen does not get that one
01:14:01 <StabbyMc> Why am I dubious that it's not a real conference?
01:14:21 <sseiersen> Hey, it's in the budget :P
01:14:28 <Grantbow__> lol
01:14:36 <PhrkOnLsh> http://evilrobotconference.wordpress.com/ <--
01:15:17 <StabbyMc> Interesting!
01:15:22 <StabbyMc> But in the past ;-)
01:16:04 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Task list
01:16:26 <StabbyMc> I don't remember there being outstanding task
items from last meeting
01:16:34 <StabbyMc> Anyone got new task items?
01:16:41 <inode0> just to start using the task list :)
01:17:08 <StabbyMc> inode0: heresy!
01:17:23 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Open Floor
01:17:32 <StabbyMc> That brings us to the last topic, open floor.
01:17:59 <inode0> don't ambassadors do anything? 15 minutes is unheard of!
01:18:15 <VileGent> inode0,  nope nothing at all
01:18:28 <lcameron> go forth an download 12 beta!
01:18:32 <inode0> I have two items I'd like to mention
01:18:37 <crossbytes> u have 2 be kidding all over?
01:18:43 <StabbyMc> Fudcon?
01:19:19 <sseiersen> FUDBus?
01:19:23 <inode0> Tonight is the last meeting for now where I'll be
the regular moderator
01:19:30 <inode0> And I only lasted 10 seconds!
01:19:51 <sseiersen> Quick replacement :)
01:19:51 <inode0> But I have a smile on my face about that and other things
01:19:51 * nb needs to email the professor that's the head of AITP at
his college
01:20:01 * nb may be able to be the speaker at one of the meetings
01:20:33 <nb> I have some F11 media and can burn some F12 if it is
released by then
01:20:35 <inode0> It has been a good year for me and I hope the next
person finds it rewarding in when looking back on it
01:20:51 <StabbyMc> inode0: I throw lizard!
01:20:52 <VileGent> inode0,  i for one would  like to thank you for
time and donation of your service
01:21:21 <StabbyMc> agreed inode0: excellent moderation :-)
01:21:36 <sseiersen> +10
01:21:38 <inode0> the second item I wanted to bring up is that I plan
to propose at some point a NA Fedora Ambassadors Day
01:22:02 <inode0> probably for some time after winter leaves
01:22:08 <StabbyMc> which would include what?
01:22:24 <StabbyMc> BSD, er, Fedora booth babes?
01:22:26 <inode0> we should as a group begin thinking about what we
would like to accomplish at such an event
01:22:52 <inode0> our last one gave us direction which we've been
following for a year now
01:23:05 <StabbyMc> Is this an in person meeting?
01:23:13 <inode0> I think it is getting to be time to begin some new initiatives
01:23:28 <inode0> rather than stay on autopilot
01:23:42 <inode0> yes, this would be an in person event for ambassadors
01:23:56 <inode0> probably a couple of days
01:24:12 <sseiersen> preferably not in Toronto :)
01:24:30 <inode0> I have an idea for the location, but that isn't
terribly important yet
01:24:47 <inode0> What we can accomplish is the important part
01:25:09 <inode0> So please start giving it some thought, we aren't
going to decide anything tonight
01:25:20 <sseiersen> Will do
01:25:28 <inode0> Where do we want to see FAmNA in a year or two?
01:26:10 <StabbyMc> #info Let the minutes reflect that inode0 is in
favor of a NA Ambassadors meeting to determine the direction of the
ambassadors program for the next couple of years, so start thinking
01:26:49 <makfinsky> Dang it... makfinsky here late...
01:26:50 <crossbytes> where should we post .. to the list?
01:27:15 <inode0> yes, the mailing list would be a good place to discuss this
01:27:40 <inode0> I'll send a message there to get the discussion rolling
01:27:52 <StabbyMc> maybe we put it on the task list or agenda for
meetings going forward?
01:28:00 <inode0> We'll see how many me-too's we can generate :)
01:28:37 <inode0> StabbyMc: you don't need permission :)
01:28:54 <StabbyMc> Ah, by we, I meant you ;-)
01:29:10 <StabbyMc> But I can do it too.
01:29:17 <StabbyMc> Any other open floor items?
01:30:31 <StabbyMc> 5
01:30:43 <StabbyMc> 4
01:30:47 <StabbyMc> 3
01:30:52 <StabbyMc> 2
01:30:56 <makfinsky> None here.
01:30:58 <StabbyMc> 1
01:31:02 <StabbyMc> #endmeeting

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