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Mahmoud Abdul Jawad abduljawad.mahmoud at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 16:21:51 UTC 2010

in fact, i don't prefer to link it to a FAS account.
we can either create a notifications mailing lists, so that, anyone can
enter his email to get the notifications.
the other option is creating a small applet for fedora, that uses the dbus
notifications to notify for those notifications, it's a one day work applet.

Mahmoud Abdul Jawad

2010/8/3 Manuel Escudero <Jmlevick at gmail.com>

> See, the uptade bug announced here:
> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2010-July/002843.html really
> worried me...
> it is not a secret that there's a myth about the Fedora O.S. not being
> situable for every-day desktop users, and I agree with the idea of this
> being just a myth...
> Well, it's kind of true that there are some a little bit "More User
> Friendly" Linux Distributions but in my point of view Fedora is the Right,
> (Just Perfect) combination Between "Being Friendly" and "Being Didactical";
> Fedora Offers to the user some kind of "Extra Linux Knowledge"
> Without being really hard for "newbies", wich is just great... The point is
> that I was concerned about this bug because:
> I was thinking: "Ok, I visit the Fedora Project Website quite often", so I
> know there's a Bug and I get my hands working to fix it.
> (As a matter of fact I fixed it some time ago without being totally awared
> of it)
> But then I thought about all the people that Just use Fedora as a Normal
> Desktop O.S,
> Those people who doesn't care what's going on in the website, those people
> who were convinced by a friend/family member
> to install Fedora in their PC's... Those Newbies.
> This brought me a conclusion: If the announcement is only in the Fedora
> Website and maybe in some blogs,
> ┬┐How will those people be awared of the bug? Of course their "geek" friends
> can tell them and maybe handle the fixing part
> but we're talking about thousands, maybe millions of "Fedora Newbies"
> affected by the MOST MORTAL VIRUS in the history
> of humankind: The lack of information...
> So because of this, I came out with an idea, it's just an idea, don't know
> if you may consider it important and/or interesting:
> Why don't we use a "second notification system" I mean, by example, we can
> add to anaconda an additional step
> to let people create some kind of FAS account in order to win more "adepts"
> and also giving us the chance of notify
> them by e-mail or something like that when this kind of problems happen.
> (Of course, if they agree with that)
> Or maybe a Fedora News Digest app integrated in all major desktop
> enviroments and activable only under users order...
> Don't Know... Just an idea, any words to add?
> P.S. I contributed with my two cents by making a blog post announcing the
> bug and also asked the "thisweekinlinux" guy to talk about it in his next
> video
> in order to let more users to be awared of the bug and able to fix it, he
> agreed by the way :)
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