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Neville A. Cross nacross at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 19:34:12 UTC 2010

2010/8/3 Manuel Escudero <Jmlevick at gmail.com>:
> I think we can Mix the Mahmoud dbus idea with the RSS Feed one...
> I agree in not using IRC, well because my principal idea was based in the
> use of RSS or ATOM feeds to build an app
> (Just as you do to build a "feed-gadget" for your blog) and well also maybe
> we can just reconfigure or build a RSS Client to
> parse thatĀ Feed for the user and we can enable the autostart for this app in
> future versions, by example we can do something
> like the OpenSUSE idea: when you start opensuse in the live cd and after the
> installation it shows a small window talking about
> SUSE, Novell and KDE communities, then the user closes it and never appear
> again. I think we can create the app and "enable"
> this kind of idea, so the future versions of fedora can show an intro to the
> O.S. and can also give information about the notifier, so the user
> can choose to enable and configure it or not. it would be better if we can
> do this in anaconda, being clear:
> 1) We build the app and include it in future versions
> 2) We ask the user during the installation process in anaconda if he/she
> wants to enable the notifier.
> 3) If the user agree, We ask him/her to configure the options (For example,
> what kind of news he/she wants to recieve)
> 4)Finishing the installation, the app starts if the user agreed to use it
> and give him a "warm welcome" giving some tips for it's use.
> This is just a "workaround" to it.
> Also, If the app will need an account it can be IRC or FAS or whatever you
> want to function but I think this is not necessary. If you like the IRC idea
> we can use "built-in" IRC integration by adding something like a TAB that
> connect into the Webchat Freenode IRC... Don't Know...

I think that now this idea has a lot of similarities with fedora tour project

As far as I view this topic, the core idea is a way of helping desktop
user unrelated directly to the project to get important announcements.
I think it is a valid concern. I also think that may be a good
component of the fedora-tour or at least fedora tour may be the best
way of asking the user if they want the annoucements provided by other

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