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Mahmoud Abdul Jawad abduljawad.mahmoud at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 13:50:20 UTC 2010

2010/8/5 Manuel Escudero <Jmlevick at gmail.com>

> I agree with Mahmoud again... it's better to build a new app, something
> simple and useful to furfill the tasks we're looking for.
> The Fedora-Tour integration doesn't seem too useful, Also, as frankie says,
> I'm in favor of integrate part of the notifier
> (like the basic configuration/activation of it) during installation trough
> anaconda...
> I see we have a Wiki!! Awesome! :) Well, I would like to share a name for
> the project:
> HERMES, I'll like the notifier to be called Hermes, What do you think?
> P.S. So well, how do we start working in this?
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i don't care about names a lot, however, i suggest working with the hermes
name, until we agree another one in the latest steps.
so, i created a redirect page with the name hermes & redirected it to
& i putted a note about that in the top of the page.

i guess, this is a solid base to start working now.

Mahmoud Abdul Jawad
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