[Ambassadors] A few observations on the Fedora 13 CD covers

Clint Savage herlo at fedoraproject.org
Fri Aug 6 16:01:38 UTC 2010

2010/8/6 Máirín Duffy <duffy at fedoraproject.org>:
> On Fri, 2010-08-06 at 15:48 +0100, Frank Murphy wrote:
>> On 06/08/10 15:34, Máirín Duffy wrote:
>> <snip>
>> >
>> > Ah, I can see how the term would be confusing to folks who aren't
>> > familiar with it. I really like your suggestion to use the term
>> > 'installable', and I think it makes a lot of sense, but I worry that
>> > 'Installable' vs 'Install DVD' is going to be confusing :(
>> Maybe? : *May be Installed*
> But an Install DVD may be installed as well.... see the issue now?
> ~m

I think the big difference is this:

The Live CD has a live environment with the option to install Fedora

The DVD can be used to install a new system, or rescue an existing system

The point I make here is that we just need to be consistent with our
language to our users/contributors when it comes to LiveCD vs

I might suggest wording along these lines:

LiveCD: Boot this Live CD to try out Fedora.  Installation options are
available within the live environment.

InstallDVD: Boot this Installation DVD to install or rescue Fedora.



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