[Ambassadors] A few observations on the Fedora 13 CD covers

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 13:51:43 UTC 2010

2010/8/7 Mahmoud Abdul Jawad <abduljawad.mahmoud at gmail.com>:
> the fact that the users go for the default desktop, doesn't mean they are
> not confused.

Sure, new users are confused about everything.

> i believe the NEW users still confused even after burning the image. because
> they will say "if this copy has a GUI desktop, what the version does
> then??", or "it seems the other version doesn't have a GUI at all!!".

New users aren't likely to even understand there is anything but a GUI
desktop or that there are options for the desktop. They are used to a
world where there is *the* desktop.

> the default version should be the DVD version. other options can be the KDE
> live media & GNOME live media. if the user doesn't know what is KDE or
> GNOME, then, he should read a wiki page that helps him to understand the
> meaning of desktop.

Since this conversation is about sleeves for media and most physical
media that we produce really isn't going to these sorts of new users I
think we are just drifting into another conversation about the
project's general treatment of desktop options which, while I'm
sympathetic to those who don't like the way they are treated now, is
basically a hoofies-up debate at this point.


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