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Anuj More anujmorex at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 05:55:06 UTC 2010

I think that colleges do help students get introduced to GNU/Linux systems,
but then its all upon the students/teachers too. For example, my college
runs RHEL5 on most PCs (Except for the AutoCAD lab and a few other labs) but
most students cant write a shell script. Holding seminars or workshops on
regular basis would do the deal (I think)

The next thing would be the distribution. For example, if some person in
Nigeria wants to go and check out a copy of OSes he can install, he should
be able to get a media for no cost/nominal cost covering media-cost. I would
not start the Canonical/Ubuntu media debate here, because it has happened a
few times here. But it would help if a person walks into the CD store and
sees some GNU/Linux distros besides Mac and Windows.

And then he compares: Windoze 7 Home ed for 150$ vs Fedora (2DVD pack?) for
less than $25. Also, more spins?

2010/8/20 Joerg Simon <jsimon at fedoraproject.org>

> Am 20.08.2010 12:54, schrieb Onyeibo Oku:
> > Summary:
> > 1. We need more Ambassadors
> > 2. We need more anti-dummy tools (for the idiots)
> > 3. We need more variety in to choose from
> how sound:
> We need more Fedora in Schools and Education?
> Could enable the teachers - a first step?
> cu Joerg
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