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Mahmoud Abdul Jawad abduljawad.mahmoud at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 18:08:26 UTC 2010

2010/8/21 Fabian Kanngie├čer <fabian.kanngiesser at yahoo.de>

> I think we (the fedora community and ambassadors) cant make rpmfusion
> disks. From what I know this would violate our general guidelines on free
> software and as we cant provide it with our downloads we could not provide
> it with our media. The idea itself sounds great, it would be cool to drag
> more attention to the fedora project by vendors selling our DVDs.
> With kind regards,
> Fabian "underscores" Kanngiesser :)
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i thought we were talking about commercially selling discs that contains
fedora stuff.
i can say that most of fedora users use rpmfusion (including admins of
fedora), this fact doesn't make rpmfusion compatible with fedora project
fundamentals. however, selling a disc that contains the rpmfusion repo
doesn't violate any rule.

Mahmoud Abdul Jawad
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