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Scott Dowdle dowdle at montanalinux.org
Mon Aug 30 20:33:45 UTC 2010


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> I have installed Fedora 13 Goddard x86_64 in my machine and I've
> updated to KDE 4.5, in order to run Skype I installed some 32 bit Qt
> libraries and
> when I installed the new KDE desktop I had to remove them because KDE
> 4.4 uses the "1:4.6" version of these libraries and KDE 4.5 the
> "1:4.7"...
> Now I have KDE 4.5 and everything is fine but I can't run lastest
> Skype because it needs the "1:4.6" Qt libraries, it doesn't work with
> the new ones, but if I remove the new ones and I replace them with
> the older ones, many apps seem to be "downgraded" or they just don't
> work anymore...
> Does this mean we're not having Skype in Fedora 14 KDE Spin as it's
> going to be based on KDE 4.5?
> Many users need skype (in my case I'm running it in a Windows 7 VM)
> But without it we can't offer reliable "Videocalls" as they're not
> implemented in IM Clients Linux have.

Let's see.  Supposedly skype works in Fedora 13 with the version of KDE (4.4.5) that is available for it from the official repos, right?  Then you said you installed KDE 4.5... which broke skype.  Then downgrading doesn't seem to work well because you have some breakage.  Sounds completely self-inflicted to me considering you've had to go out of the stock repos for KDE 4.5 and skype.

Regarding your Fedora 14 question, I would imagine that the skype folks would release an update that is compatible with Fedora 14 / KDE 4.5 / QT 4.7 shortly after the release of Fedora 14 but who knows.

As an alternative for video chat Google Talk is available in someone's personal repo... and probably officially released in .rpm format already or real soon now.  I'm not sure, I don't keep up with third-party stuff too much.

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