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Mon Aug 30 23:59:42 UTC 2010

2010/8/30 Manuel Escudero <Jmlevick at gmail.com>:
> 2010/8/30 inode0 <inode0 at gmail.com>
>> 2010/8/30 Manuel Escudero <Jmlevick at gmail.com>:
>> > Sorry about the shouting... As I see no ambassadors are interested in
>> > this
>> > I'm posting my message into KDE, Skype and other forums... For me, the
>> > final
>> > user is as important as Fedora.
>> Slight shift to something that is ambassador related ...
>> I'm curious at this point what is it about Fedora that matters to you?
>> Why should these users use Fedora at all? What about Fedora draws you
>> to it and makes you want to promote Fedora?
> @John: I wrote an article that explains the answer to your question for the
> Fedora LATAM Magazine,
> I'm going to give a brief answer here for you:
> 1) What is about fedora that matters to me?
> It's care for giving the Linux user the most cutting edge technology is what has made me a faithful follower of
> Fedora Linux and this same "love for innovation" was what brought me into the Fedora Project world,
> because I personally quite like innovation, most if we're talking about computer's technology of these days...

Really good reason and one shared by many of us!

> 2) Why should these users use fedora at all?
> I think because Fedora is the perfect mix between Technology and choice, it's free, ir's secure, it's elegant and
> it's capable of about everything because of it's community. If we can get more users involved into the project
> we can give a better service that other distros and we can have more followers that love fedora, because we
> have the greatest linux distribution in the world...

Another good answer.

> 3) What about fedora drew me to it and made me want to promote it?
> My passion for innovation and the will to give the user Top Line software that is usable in their lives, For
> example, let me tell you an anecdote:
> Here at México is an organism called IEMS, this organism provides free High School Education for the
> mexicans and they use linux as their base system... Since years ago, they're using Mandriva for the "General"
> part and for the music session they used to use Ubuntu Studio. Now, Since months ago, they were having
> problems with Ubuntu Studio, one software they used to use didn't sound so the students weren't able to take
> their music class as it was suposed to be. Then in a Linux conference I met a Music teacher of ONE of these
> schools and called me to solve the problem because no one at that time was able to do it... I had trouble
> solving their problem, but at the end, my solution was changing Ubuntu Studio for Fedora, wich works great
> and now, what started in that ONE school, is expanding: From that day, ALL SCHOOLS of the IEMS organism
> are replacing Ubuntu Studio for Fedora, and the executives and bosses are in talks to standarize ALL
> computers with only one distribution: Fedora. Is because this stories of success I've lived with this distro I'm
> gonna continue working for it, I'm going to promote it and also, I'm going to support the final user who wants
> to use Linux and do not "have a headache", Because Linux is for everyone, but not everyone finds it as easy
> to use as maybe you or me find it. :)

Manuel, thanks a lot for taking the time to share that story with us.
It is very inspiring. I think you will make a fine ambassador. One
thing you will find within the Fedora community is a strong bias in
favor of open source solutions to software problems. That shouldn't be
surprising and it is not fanatical. Freedom is one of our community's
core values. It is something we hold as dear as innovation which is
another one of our core values. There are ways for users to get help
with non-free bits that they wish to use but I think you will find
there will always be some resistence to promoting them over free
alternatives. So don't get too frustrated with us when we stand up for
freedom. It really matters to us along with fostering innovation and
building a strong and friendly community.


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