[Ambassadors] What's really needed to be an Ambassador?

MarĂ­a Leandro tatica at fedoraproject.org
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I will like to receive some feedback about a topic that has been runing in
my head for a while already and brings the matter of "What's really needed
to be a Fedora Ambassador?". Several times we repeat ourselves "we must
encourage people to join our comunity" and also things like "we accept
everyone, so everyone can be an Ambassador" but I consider this a lie to
them and to us. Not everyone can be an ambassador, and this are some of the
points I have consider to think like that:

we often receive request of applicants for the ambassadors team of users
1.- Have never contribute to the project
2.- Have never been at any FOSS activity
3.- Have been rejected of X communities with a not-good record

But we also have to face that, those who get the "Ambassadors title" often:
1.- Dissapear without say anything
2.- Dissapear without help our community
3.- Claim to be "Fedora workers"
4.- Dissapear but keep using the @fedoraproject.org

So, Do we really have an obligation to accept everyone? if not... Should we
keep telling people that we will accept everyone to be Ambassador if we
will/won't do it? I think that the Ambassadors admission process need some
rules besides the one that has (without be too excesive) to make a filter
that can help us, Mentor, to provide a better guidance to those contributors
that really deserve and want to be Fedora Ambassadors. So, I will write some
few ideas and if you guys/girls are interested on give some feedback would
be nice. (If you don't and the topic die here don't feel bad :) )

1.- Applicants must help to one of our 6 top teams [1]
2.- Applicants must help their local community, in case his/her city doesn't
have a local community, she/he should try to build it.
3.- Applicants should at least attend to one FOSS event per year. (right now
in all the country there are events, so this is not so crazy at all)
4.- Applicants should at least organize or help to organize a FOSS event.

Here are some ideas, as I say feel free to comment, aproove or deny the
suggestions I gave :)

See ya.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Join

Maria Gracia Leandro
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