[Ambassadors] What's really needed to be an Ambassador?

Igor Pires Soares igorsoares at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 20:30:52 UTC 2010

Em Ter, 2010-12-14 às 09:53 -0430, María Leandro escreveu:

> So, Do we really have an obligation to accept everyone? if not...
> Should we keep telling people that we will accept everyone to be
> Ambassador if we will/won't do it? I think that the Ambassadors
> admission process need some rules besides the one that has (without be
> too excesive) to make a filter that can help us, Mentor, to provide a
> better guidance to those contributors that really deserve and want to
> be Fedora Ambassadors. So, I will write some few ideas and if you
> guys/girls are interested on give some feedback would be nice. (If you
> don't and the topic die here don't feel bad :) )
> 1.- Applicants must help to one of our 6 top teams [1]

I think that we should use that as recommendation. It is a really good
topic, but it is not a good idea to enforce ambassadors in that way. For
instance, a inactive ambassador from Brazil came to me and said that he
was willing to collaborate again. I stated that we had some needs
regarding projects such translation and documentation. Then he said that
he wasn't able to contribute with such projects because they doesn't fit
his profile, but he also said that he was able to look for some people
who fit that profile. This still is a great help IMHO. Of course I'd
rather see he contribute with documentation itself, but since he is
willing to help in a way he feels that is more appropriated there is no

> 2.- Applicants must help their local community, in case his/her city
> doesn't have a local community, she/he should try to build it.

This seems pretty reasonable to me, but maybe we could expand the idea
of regional to states or provinces. It really depends on the regional

> 3.- Applicants should at least attend to one FOSS event per year.
> (right now in all the country there are events, so this is not so
> crazy at all)

#3 might work as a recommendation either. Probably there are some
countries that don't have FOSS events. In addition, in some countries we
have ambassadors from regions that are distant from medium/big cities
where those events normally take place, what makes traveling expensive.
We can address this issue through funding at least for some ambassadors
in specific events.

> 4.- Applicants should at least organize or help to organize a FOSS
> event.

Or, in addition, the applicant could help to organize Fedora's
participation in some FOSS event. That works as well.

Igor Pires Soares
Fedora I18N/L10N QA
Fedora Ambassador (Brazil)

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