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**Call for talks for the Configuration Management DevRoom at fosdem 2011**

FOSDEM 2011 - http://fosdem.org/2011/

6 February 2011, 09:00 to 17:00, Brussels, Belgium

Contact: fosdem2011 at puppetlabs.com

We will be holding a Configuration Management DevRoom at fosdem 2011 and
are requesting abstracts for structured presentations now.

Important information, dates:

	? Submission deadline for abstracts: 2011-01-08

	? Notification of accepted speakers: 2011-01-10

	? Final schedule: 2011-01-11

**About this DevRoom**

Configuration Management is exciting!  It is. Really. There is huge
interest in automation, configuration management and especially PAAS,
SAAS, IAAS and the cloud generally.  We're seeking people who are
working the field, interested in the field, or just interested in
learning more about how to make their lives easier with automation and
configuration management.

We invite you to submit talks on these topics:

* Configuration Management theory principles
* Configuration Management tools - real world use cases
* Tools, techniques and case studies
* Configuration Management and the Cloud
* Configuration Management, Compliance and Security

NOTE:  Puppet Labs is helping organise this room but we're looking for
talks on more than Puppet!  We're looking for CFengine, Chef, bcfg2,
AutomateIT, and the myriad of other tools out there.

** Your submission must include:**

	* Your name

	* The title of your talk

	* A short abstract of one to two paragraphs (150 words, max.)

	* A short biography

	* Links to related websites/blogs etc.

Send the abstracts to:

fosdem2011 at puppetlabs.com

Presentations are to be formal and not longer than 30 minutes, plus 15
extra for questions (45 in total). Panels with more than one speaker are
something we're also seeking, a "My configuration management tools is
the awesomest and I'll debate that!" is possible, as are shorter
presentations of 20 minutes.  We're also exploring some un-conference
style presentations too.

The deadline for submissions is January 8th 2011 December 2010. If your
proposal has been accepted, you will be informed by email by January
10th 2011.

Please feel free to forward this call for abstracts and papers to
relevant lists, people and sites. We're looking forward to seeing lots
of interested folks, have lots of spirited presentations, debates,
discussion and ... quite possibly drinking.
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