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Gerold Kassube gerold at lugd.org
Thu Feb 18 19:56:47 UTC 2010

[... snip

]Am Donnerstag, den 18.02.2010, 20:43 +0100 schrieb Gregory Zysk:
>         In the first instance that our booth is shown (the longer one
>         during
>         the video) we can see 6 people behind the booth (Andreas and
>         Gerold
>         hacking, Joerg speaking with Max, Anastasis-the new greek
>         ambassador
>         setting up moblin demo, Dimitris-convincing Evelina to
>         contribute, and
>         Evelina-a yet to be contributor). As for in front of the booth
>         there
>         are 6 (SIX) ambassadors (including Max) waiting for people to
>         stop by
>         and be informed for Fedora.
>         That (at least 12 contributors around a booth) is by FAR
>         beyond any
>         other booth and yes I believe we had the best booth on FOSDEM
>         (tweets
>         and reports show it). 
> +1 
>         In the second instance showing our booth there are 4
>         ambassadors
>         hacking behind the booth, but the video doesn't show the front
>         side of
>         the booth so we can't tell.
have a look at the first section you describe ...
TWELVE in total ... :-)

Guess what`s coming :-P

In the second we have FOUR hacking; and if my study was really correct
(I had a good mark in maths) we have EIGHT in front of the boot; a (2
times) 2 meter table.
Said this: 50 cm per each Ambassador PLUS at least ONE visitor per
Ambassador ...

HOWDY what a great success

(regardless all the unfriendly words in the last few mails)

I hope to see you all again soon hacking in the (@ FOSDEM not existing)
FEDORA HACKING room and not behind or at the booth ...

... as we did (thanks Paul for the reminder) at Linuxtag in 2009. And to
be honest; I pleased as far as I remember at least ONE person (dunno
know who it was) from the booth with the private Laptop [but there were
rooms for hackings of the projects] 
All the best


@Gregory: you remember my name; WOW :-) I`m really impressed!
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