[Ambassadors] [wrap up] Camp KDE 2010

Mathieu Bridon bochecha at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jan 21 09:08:25 UTC 2010


2010/1/21 Ryan Rix <ry at n.rix.si>:
> The KUbuntu CD(? may have been DVD, don't have it nearby) was packaged in a
> sleeve that had an extra flap that that primarily keeps the media from sliding
> out of the sleeve it is stored in. But what I think is even better is that,
> when you open it up, there is information on the inside, answering common
> questions... How can I use this CD as a live test? How can I install KUbuntu?
> What is KUbuntu? What is free software? How is this software available free of
> charge? etc. Something like this is easy to add to our media, and should be
> looked at, imo. As it is, if $person picks up a Fedora live image, it's fairly
> non-certain what they should do with the disk, how they should run it, etc, if
> they have never used a live media before. It's a little intimidating, I think.
> A few KDE developers and I spoke with a fellow at the place we stayed at for
> about a half hour about these sorts of things, and about Free Software in
> general, and it was a good discussion. However, in many cases, we will not
> have the chance to engage in such discussion with prospective users, and this
> can lead to unfortunate cases of users simply picking up the media and not
> knowing how to use it, or doing something even worse (picking up install media
> and using it thinking it's live because they don't know any better, or other
> such things the IRC support channels have seen)

Steven Moix tried to do something like this for Fedora 11. His work
was awesome, but landed to late IIRC.

Sources are here (look for "Fedora 11 French press kits (general,
schools, business)"):

The text is currently in French, but it can easily be translated / reworked.

Mathieu Bridon

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