[Ambassadors] EMEA media distribution

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 1 09:01:24 UTC 2010

Am Donnerstag, den 01.07.2010, 09:22 +0200 schrieb Felix Kaechele:
> As I will not be going on vacation anytime in the near future I would 
> like to offer doing some of the logistics.
> Maybe Sascha and I can split up the media between us and cooperatively 
> handle requests. So I would be taking care for requests during the time 
> of Sascha's vacation then.

As you are the event owner of FrOSCon in August [1] and I already
ordered a large number of media for this even [2], it might make sense
to send you one big batch both for the event an for further
distribution. So +1 to your suggestion.


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FrOSCon_2010 
[2] https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/33

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