[Ambassadors] EMEA media distribution

P Papadeas ppapadeas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 11:48:58 UTC 2010


That's hell of a messy thread :)

To sum up:

Sascha needs to update inventory page for the quantities and locations
(his home, company etc)

Christoph makes sure wiki proposals are ok... (Thanks Chris!)

And we decide on the next meeting what's the next course of actions....

Meanwhile all the media requests are handled by Sascha.

I have to agree with Joerg that this was the most complicated
distribution of media ever to happen and I fail to see how we were
benefited by this process (in contrast to the previous one). Possibly
the decisions were wrong, or the people were wrong or the attitude was
wrong... we have to assess this in order to have a better approach
next time...


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