[Ambassadors] EMEA media distribution

Sascha Thomas Spreitzer sspreitzer at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jul 1 12:25:23 UTC 2010

Hello pierros,
thanks for summing up.  ;)

2010/7/1 P Papadeas <ppapadeas at gmail.com>:
> Wow...
> That's hell of a messy thread :)
> To sum up:
> Sascha needs to update inventory page for the quantities and locations
> (his home, company etc)

done, see:
>> Pleas find the stock status of the media on this link
>> https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/wiki/Inventory#F13

> Christoph makes sure wiki proposals are ok... (Thanks Chris!)

done, see:

> And we decide on the next meeting what's the next course of actions....
> Meanwhile all the media requests are handled by Sascha.

I will be away from 5th July until 23rd July.
We have your proposal for the distribution process.
Jörg wants to ensure we can send media to people, while I am away.
Felix volunteered, I am waiting for his "ok" and the shipping
destination address.
If I get the address from him, I will send out the media immediately.

> I have to agree with Joerg that this was the most complicated
> distribution of media ever to happen and I fail to see how we were
> benefited by this process (in contrast to the previous one). Possibly
> the decisions were wrong, or the people were wrong or the attitude was
> wrong... we have to assess this in order to have a better approach
> next time...

Benefits I see:
- production of media and spins as proposed by ambassadors wishes (eg. spins)
- overview of fedora media production worldwide via wiki -> synergy
effect in future -> learn from others
- local access, local mindset, quick communication between wrangler
and company and local redhat office
- open process

Negatives I see:
- my attitude
- One ambassador responsible for (almost) the whole process
- action items pingpong-ing between mailing list and meetings
- ongoing process since 8 months with about 16 meetings, attendees
varied from every meeting (except abt. 3 regulars)

Let us together work on the negative points and turn the lessons we
all have learned into benefits again. :)

I am very happy for every help I can get, again thank you Chris and
Felix for your contributions.

best regards,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with kind regards,
Sascha Thomas Spreitzer


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