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Mark Terranova mark at gidgetkitchen.org
Fri Jul 2 15:54:42 UTC 2010

I can help out at the Fedora table for at least a few hours. Put me on the
list :)

2010/6/30 Larry Cafiero <larry.cafiero at gmail.com>

> Speaking of the OSCON booth, I need to get to O'Reilly a list of names of
> people working the booth by Monday. Going by the list on the wiki, I have
> the following people on the list:
> Me (with Mirano as well)
> Matt McKenzie
> Tom Callaway
> Mel Chua
> John Poelstra
> Kevin Higgins (and Tammy?)
> Robyn Bergeron
> [Karsten Wade w/ Malakai and Saskia -- I don't see your names on there . .
> . :-) ]
> O'Reilly originally said that booths get four passes each, but they're
> willing to give us as many as we need to staff the booth. However, in order
> not to abuse the privilege granted to us, I'd prefer to request booth passes
> for those who do not have admission to the expo floor for some other
> OSCON-related reason (i.e., you're already a presenter, etc.).
> As an aside, the expo floor admission to OSCON is free, meaning you can
> register for admission here:
> http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2010/public/register
> and you can still get in to the expo floor area (and still help out with
> the booth, too!).
> Incidentally, there is one session pass that goes with the booth, so that
> can be passed around and I'd like to make it a requirement that if you use
> the pass for a session, you have to put in some time -- at least an hour? --
> at the booth. Fair?
> So . . . if you're on the list above, you're on the list for the booth. If
> you're already got admission to OSCON because you've already registered or
> are presenting (or for whatever reason gets you on the expo floorI ) =and=
> you're on the list above, I'll make a note of it.
> Thanks, folks.
> Larry Cafiero
> 2010/6/28 Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>
>> On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 10:51:40AM -0700, Kevin Higgins wrote:
>> > > During open floor hours at OSCON (when conf attendees can go out to
>> > > walk around), schedule a series of short informative talks at the
>> > > Fedora booth.
>> Sorry, slow to reply to my own thread.
>> >  I think the idea sounds great. We do need to take into
>> > consideration that Each 10x10 Booth Space Includes:
>> >
>> > * 4' draped counter (pop-up booths are allowed)
>> > * One counter-height stool
>> >
>> > SO even though we have a 10x10 area it sounds like we are being
>> > supplied with a 4' counter area "table?"
>> I was thinking of a design where the speaker was outside of the booth
>> space, directly in front with a semicircular crowd.  This is based on
>> what I recall about how OSCON booths were designed last time, which is
>> rather typical for any show.  You have a single table/counter that is
>> about 42" on top (higher than a kitchen counter by a foot.)  We can
>> move it to any configuration.
>> I threw up a few ideas in this SVG image:
>> http://quaid.fedorapeople.org/fedora/events/OSCON-2010-booth-config.svg
>> The rectangle is the counter (tall table) and the square is the
>> counter-height stool.  In the first config I put it on the outside,
>> which is one way of making sure at least one booth person doesn't get
>> buried behind "The Desk" and is out front to talk with people.  In the
>> second config things are more opened, which invites people inside of
>> the area making it harder for Ambassadors to "do stuff" in the booth
>> except talk with people.  (Harder to do a live USB station in the
>> second config compared to the first config, for example.)
>> In both situations, the speaker is just forward enough to give room
>> for existing activities to occur at the front of the booth.  Ideally
>> not conversations (2' away) but sometimes it will be.  Then folks are
>> really in a semi-circle and a few deep around the front of the
>> speaker, but I drew in the full circle to give the bubble that we'll
>> need.
>> Based on my experience in the past, that may work to not obstruct
>> people walking by.  I'm confident enough that we can make it work no
>> matter what that I think we should just proceed with that plan and
>> adjust on the fly if an OSCON staff notices we need to make a change.
>> > I do have a 6x2.5 fold up banquet table that we used for our Release
>> party
>> > but i do not know if that is a 'pop-up booths are allowed'
>> Hmm ... Is it a hassle to bring it down if we don't end up using it?
>> Have you read anything from O'Reilly about what we can bring?  Can I
>> bring camp chairs or other stools because 1 is not enough?  Tables,
>> etc.?
>> > > We can get this on the various RSS and mblog feeds (#oscon, etc.),
>> > > clear signs, and other things that occur as we are there.
>> >
>> > I think this would work well if we have the wifi Iknow that we
>> > have to pay for the wifi this year. Would have to get with Larry about
>> > if we have
>> > payed for Wifi.
>> I think John is right that we had a wired drop, and the West Coast
>> Event Box should have a wifi AP (running OpenWRT).  If it doesn't,
>> it's my fault, so I'll find it and bring it.
>> What is the cost of connectivity?  Are they only providing wireless or
>> are wired drops optional?
>> > > This started in my mind because I want myself or Mel to give a short
>> > > info talk on POSSE[1] at least once every hour.  There will be other
>> > > people at OSCON involved in the Teaching Open Source community, and I
>> > > would like to see some of them come give talks, too.
>> >
>> > I think it be great since Portland's Graduating class from High school
>> > this year is only 68% {don't quote me on the stat but I know it was
>> > in the 60 percentile} of what it was last year; and since Washington
>> > state is committed to education reform and with Gov. Gregoire's
>> > announcement that Tacoma Public Schools is to join Washington’s Race
>> > to the Top application.
>> >
>> >
>> http://www.governor.wa.gov/news/news-view.asp?pressRelease=1490&newsType=1
>> > http://www.waracetothetop.org/
>> >
>> > This would be great to promo to the school boards and such I can work
>> > on some of that
>> > localy.
>> OK, we can start putting the word out.  I'll get organized with the
>> Teaching Open Source (TOS) folks, write-up a few wiki pages, etc.
>> > Are any of these 'Lightning Talks' going to be in the
>> Not per se, although I know some edu folks who submitted for these
>> Ignite talks.
>> > I think given the space and some time to work out details this would
>> benefit
>> > both Fedora and POSSE given there is a direct tie in such as the OLPC
>> > is based on Fedora.
>> > Just my thoughts but of course would have to get with the others also.
>> +1 thanks for the support!
>> ciao - Karsten
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