[Ambassadors] Some help with my wireless card

lorsy julio de la espriella lorsyatenea at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 04:26:53 UTC 2010

I have a broadcom card into my dell vostro 1500 laptop, don't know the exact
mode, but the first time Goddard didn't detected, so I follow this steps:

1. Downloaded the next RPM packages:
rpm -ivh
rpm -ivh
2. after that I wrote into the terminal:
yum install broadcom-wl kmod-wl
3. Restart the computer after it finished the instalation, and my wireless

Connect 3 more times, and everything goes well.  But after that stop to
detect the wireless card the network connection agent wasn't even showing
it, I restart and start to work, but today I was working and my battery turn
off with oout power, when I connect, the system wasn't detecting the
wireless, restart again, and nothing change, try to re-install the packages,
and nothing happend.  usually I work with wireless, I can't stay connect to
a wire, try to find something at some forums, but nothing help.

That is why I'm wirting to this list, to find some help, if I write at the
terminal: lspci doesn't show the wireless card, I thought that maybe could
be a problem with my wireless card, but my windows work just perfect,
Neville told me that could be that whem I'm working with windows something
could fall into that system and that is why, but before the test of today I
wasn't get into windows, since the day that I installed my fedora.

Any sugestion to fix this problem?  I need some help guys.


Lorsy Julio de la Espriella
Desarrollador web.
Tecnologa en Sistemas
Embajadora Fedora Colombia-Latinoamerica
Distrito Turistico y Cultural Cartagena de indias
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