[Ambassadors] Africa Ambassadors Meeting(EMEA)

Isaac Sanni-Thomas d3vnull.r00t at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 21:18:34 UTC 2010

Hi Pierros,

On 07/18/2010 11:39 PM, Pierros Papadeas wrote:
> Hi Isaac and Mathieu !
> I agree with Mathieu.. 
>It does not feel logical...
Why not come up with something that feels logical...
Mathieu came up with 'a workable template'...come up with something
constructive than say "it does not feel logical"...because saying
something is not logical is not logical in itself. ;)

 I suggest coming up
> with a date/time and be bold on that.

....Date and time which suits who??me??and be bold about my time??this
is a community..let the 41 African community members decide what is best
for them...I hope you appreciate it's not a one man's meeting...We need
the African community to decide...

Thanks for your input.

...And Im still waiting for the 41 Africans on the list to share their
ideas since this is more of an African thing for Africa by
Africans...that counts more to this discussion..

@Arthurbuliva,kenkasina,Frankiemangoa: Im in Nairobi(Kenya), currently
at Lavington. We can meet up and have a few discussion during the week
whiles we schedule a time for #fedora-africa :)


(Working from Nairobi,Kenya)

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