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Sun Jul 18 21:26:18 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 12:18 AM, Isaac Sanni-Thomas
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> Hi Pierros,
> On 07/18/2010 11:39 PM, Pierros Papadeas wrote:
>> Hi Isaac and Mathieu !
>> I agree with Mathieu..
>>It does not feel logical...
> Why not come up with something that feels logical...
> Mathieu came up with 'a workable template'...come up with something
> constructive than say "it does not feel logical"...because saying
> something is not logical is not logical in itself. ;)

I was simply commenting on Mathieu's opinion. (Which I agree with)

>  I suggest coming up
>> with a date/time and be bold on that.
> ....Date and time which suits who??me??and be bold about my time??this
> is a community..let the 41 African community members decide what is best
> for them...I hope you appreciate it's not a one man's meeting...We need
> the African community to decide...

On my experience you will never end up with an 100% agreed time and
date... not even close to 80%. So I suggest you (or someone willing to
chair the meetings) try to think of a "logical hour" on a "logical
day" (after possible small scale negotiations) and then be bold on
that and see what happens after two meetings (e.g.)

> Thanks for your input.

Please dont get me wrong, I was trying to help...

> ...And Im still waiting for the 41 Africans on the list to share their
> ideas since this is more of an African thing for Africa by
> Africans...that counts more to this discussion..
> @Arthurbuliva,kenkasina,Frankiemangoa: Im in Nairobi(Kenya), currently
> at Lavington. We can meet up and have a few discussion during the week
> whiles we schedule a time for #fedora-africa :)
> BR(Isaac/d3vnull)
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