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Isaac Sanni-Thomas d3vnull.r00t at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 05:24:36 UTC 2010

On 07/19/2010 07:25 AM, Arthur Buliva wrote:
> I personally feel that an appropriate time is 19H00 GMT - Thats 7pm at
> the extreme west and 10pm at the extreme east. Main reason I have been
> through few of the meetings is because they were happening at midnight
> at the East Coast (which is where am based)
> --
> Arthur
sawa sawa. ahsante sana Arthur. So far this is the third encouraging mail :)
I agree with your time :) 19H00 GMT
I have met with Ken Kasina. We could meet over coffee during the week at
Westlands ama!!

> Not yet like that sir!  If I recall correctly, the last meeting had only
> three(3) africans attending ... and you came towards the end :). Those
> guys were there for us.  I'd rather we take a proactive route -- the
> continent of the person contributing to the African cause is
> insignificant.  We've been through this path before and it was
> inconclusive. Right now mathieu's suggestion is more amenable and
> practical.  

If you knew all this why didn't you "step up"..quoting Pierros :)

Did you follow the thread in the mail Joerg and Sascha sent:
 "Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora Ambassadors Africa" ??

If you were concerned why didn't you step up??
If you were conscious of my coming "towards the end",guess what,we
waited for peeps like you who were at those meetings to take the mantle
when Joerg sent that mail since you were "at the begining" and move
things for Africa..and what happened??...Nothing..for how long??One
clear month(06/17/2010 02:08 PM). Check your mails again to confirm that...
In view of your meeting experience,If you want to chair and drive this
initiative of kickstarting the growth of Fedora Africa its all yours :)
I still stick to what I said before "Fedora for Africans by Africans".
Its our thing and its our time. That's my opinion.
Until we own the 'burning desire' to win and to build a strong Fedora
African Core..we will remain where we are(41 Africa contributors only).
As Sascha said in his last mail on that thread with Joerg
"what I think is;
- bootstrapping a region is not done in 4 meetings nor is it done in one
- we must give africa its time and the people in africa will tell you
and me how things run in africa and how they will do Fedora"

Now that my friend is what I was talking about "Fedora for Africans by
Africans"..and maybe you didn't know or might have forgotten, Africa is
one of Joerg's focus. I suggest we "step up" and ask for assistance when
its due.
We can do this, Yes We Can, We Can Grow Fedora in Africa and I believe
it..so you better start believing in the vision, rather than nurture
fear and doubts ;)

> We used WhenIsGood (http://whenisgood.net/) to schedule meetings for
> fedora Design-team ... and it was informative.  Once we know the
> preferred times, finding a median is the way to go.  Check out the site
> and initiate the process. I'll be happy to respond, and better still,
> you could send invitation to the "41 on the list" and get a coordinated
> (automated) input.

If you read my response carefully I called Mathieu's suggestion a
"working template". I don't have to explain that too do I...

(Working from Nairobi,Kenya)

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