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Oku, Onyeibo

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>  "Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora Ambassadors Africa" ??
Yes, ... what about them?

> If you were concerned why didn't you step up??
> If you were conscious of my coming "towards the end",guess what,we
> waited for peeps like you who were at those meetings to take the mantle
> when Joerg sent that mail since you were "at the begining" and move
> things for Africa..and what happened??...Nothing..for how long??One
> clear month(06/17/2010 02:08 PM). Check your mails again to confirm
> that...
> In view of your meeting experience,If you want to chair and drive this
> initiative of kickstarting the growth of Fedora Africa its all yours :)

I was of the impression that you are more experienced. That position
seems to favour you ... this is not about "who wants to be chair?". I
was only addressing a statement that i believe be insensitive.

> I still stick to what I said before "Fedora for Africans by Africans".
> Its our thing and its our time. That's my opinion.

Cool. Lets get on with it like gentlemen then ... that is, with due
respect to the non-african contributors and initiators.

> Until we own the 'burning desire' to win and to build a strong Fedora
> African Core..we will remain where we are(41 Africa contributors only).
> As Sascha said in his last mail on that thread with Joerg
> "what I think is;
> - bootstrapping a region is not done in 4 meetings nor is it done in one
> year

+1 (agreed)

> and maybe you didn't know or might have forgotten, Africa is
> one of Joerg's focus. I suggest we "step up" and ask for assistance when
> its due.

Cool.  As we do that, we should employ some diplomacy.

> We can do this, Yes We Can, We Can Grow Fedora in Africa and I believe
> it..so you better start believing in the vision, rather than nurture
> fear and doubts ;)

Wow! ... a little more diplomacy. The last phrase was not necessary --
our goals are same (approach may be different).

Okay.  I thought it would be nice if you finished what you started. That
is why I suggested the website (of course, I could have done it myself
... as a matter of fact, I have started doing it myself).  I'll be
sending you and others the URL for your inputs and see where we arrive.
Okay,let's do this.

Oku, Onyeibo

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