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Remy DeCausemaker remyd at civx.us
Mon Jul 19 19:17:03 UTC 2010


I've been lurking around listening to the suggestions of the ambassadors to
get their localized, region-specific versions of their pages up for each
region. This interface looks super clean. Is the box at the top just an
image, or is it an interactive map? If you could mouse over or click on a
region, and then get to the region-specific pages associated with it, that
would be pretty intuitive. Also, any kind of regional data, similar to the
blogposts that lewk does at the EOL of the various Fedoras, with the
heatmaps of downloads, and region-specific metrics would be kinda
interesting. Just a thought, but all-in-all, quality work as always Mizmo.
Keep on being a rockstar, and I'll show this off to our FOSS at RIT designers
under the heading #doing_it_right.

2010/7/19 Máirín Duffy <duffy at fedoraproject.org>

> Hi Ambassadors!
> I just created a blog post on the fedoracommunity.org redesign that
> Sijis and I have been working on in the websites team:
> http://mairin.wordpress.com/2010/07/19/fedoracommunity-org-website-design/
> Thank you for the help you provided earlier in tracking down some of the
> various country sites; it made the mockups possible.
> I wanted to know if you had any feedback on the design so far, and if we
> missed any community sites that you may be aware of. Do let us know. I
> am hoping this site can serve as a helpful tool for Fedora Ambassadors
> in the future, especially in directing new/potential users to their
> local community. Let me know if this makes sense!
> Thanks,
> ~m
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