[Ambassadors] fedoracommunity.org portal design

Felix Kaechele felix at fetzig.org
Tue Jul 20 05:33:52 UTC 2010

Hi Mo!

I have some questions about the way the regions are split up on the page.
Why not keep the groups of countries (continents) in the structure that
we regularily use when talking about Ambassador regions? That being
For example in your mockup Europe and Africa & Middle East are seperate.
The americas comprise of NA and LATAM.
I do understand that splitting them up by continent makes sense too, but
it would be more coherent with our existing structures IMO.

Even if the grouping by continent is to be kept you still might want to
rename Asia & Australia to Asia & Pacific or something alike to make our
members from New Zealand happy, too ;)

And also it's funny that you state the following on your blog: "Both
national flags and national borders can, in a few cases, be quite
controversial and stir up hard feelings so we did our best to avoid them
in the design."
And right in that mockup the world map does contain national borders.
Just sayin' ;)

Other than that the design really rocks and I'm excited to see all the
local communities' websites come together in one central place.

Thanks to you and all the other people that put effort in creating this


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