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dilip khanolkar dilipkhanolkar at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jul 21 15:45:04 UTC 2010

My opinion on this would be that we should only distribute as much as
we can do. If we cannot then we can only advice them about ubuntu if
they are familiar with it. As this advising them on another OS
shouldnt actually also route there technical queries on to us (i mean
we people going & helping out issues faced with ubuntu)

Dilip Khanolkar,

2010/7/21 Anuj More <anujmorex at gmail.com>:
> In the recent days, I have received requests for F13 (And by that I mean
> personal emails) probably because things did not go well for them on the
> Fedora media request section. I tried my best to get them a Fedora DVD
> (Through pointers on where to get free DVDs on magazines like
> Chip/Digit/Others)
> That was when I thought:
> Is it wrong to suggest a person to go for free Ubuntu CDs if there is no way
> for the person to get Fedora? What is the stance of Fedora as a distribution
> on other distributions.
> Just a casual question. Popped up into my head.
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