[Ambassadors] fedoracommunity.org portal design

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jul 21 20:02:28 UTC 2010

Hi Felix!

On Tue, 2010-07-20 at 07:33 +0200, Felix Kaechele wrote:
> I have some questions about the way the regions are split up on the page.
> Why not keep the groups of countries (continents) in the structure that
> we regularily use when talking about Ambassador regions? That being
> For example in your mockup Europe and Africa & Middle East are seperate.
> The americas comprise of NA and LATAM.
> I do understand that splitting them up by continent makes sense too, but
> it would be more coherent with our existing structures IMO.

That's a really great idea. I did the continent split bceause I thought
it might be the least-controversial way to do it, but I think splitting
out by ambassador region makes more sense. Although it means the NA
section is going to be *very* sparse, hehe. Splitting by continents,
each section is individually a bit beefier than the Ambassador region
split. But I think the consistency of splitting by Ambassador region is
more valuable so I'll modify the mockup to employ that scheme!
> Even if the grouping by continent is to be kept you still might want to
> rename Asia & Australia to Asia & Pacific or something alike to make our
> members from New Zealand happy, too ;)

Ha! You got me there, and of course no offense intended, I'll fix it!
> And also it's funny that you state the following on your blog: "Both
> national flags and national borders can, in a few cases, be quite
> controversial and stir up hard feelings so we did our best to avoid them
> in the design."
> And right in that mockup the world map does contain national borders.
> Just sayin' ;)

Yehh..... that is just a filler though. The full world map has the
borders and I was lazy to remove them because it's a very complex vector
and it was taking too long to work with. The final graphic won't have
those borders, I promise.

Actually Remy had the awesome idea to make the map a rollover nav, which
I think would be awesome. So it may be switched to have that
functionality - as you roll over a region it lights up in its respective
color and allows you to click to view. 
> Other than that the design really rocks and I'm excited to see all the
> local communities' websites come together in one central place.
> Thanks to you and all the other people that put effort in creating this
> page.

Yay we're so glad for the positive feedback! You've given some really
awesome suggestions here and they'll definitely be incorporated into the


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