[Ambassadors] Move pages from wiki

Rafael Gomes rafaelgomes at projetofedora.org
Mon Jul 26 00:16:53 UTC 2010


What do you think about move some useful page from wiki (ex. Join
Page) to a static page and put it in transifex?

I am from Brazil and I can see how is hard get new collaborators,
because we have a obsolete or inexistent information about how it is
possible in our language (pt-br).

IMO we (from Brazil) should send our new collaborators to official
website, instead local website with obsolete or inexistent

IMO is easier keep translation of official information, instead create
a new one or copy and translate that, because when something change,
may be we can't follow.

What do you think about it?
Rafael Gomes
Consultor em TI
(71) 9277-8868

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