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Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jul 28 07:23:31 UTC 2010

Am 28.07.2010 00:30, schrieb Neville A. Cross:
> 2010/7/27 Zoltan Hoppar <hopparz at gmail.com>:
>> I have thought an thing that could be the next ninja bounty an Fedora
>> Community Site kit, where who wants simply could download an package, what
>> contains elements to an community site or an blog. Maybe it's a good idea,
>> until the community site will be ready. With that, makes easier to create
>> more relations.
>> What do you think guys, girls?
> I think it will help to get a more uniform look on different spaces
> that fedora contributors use to broadcast the fedora identity. I like
> this idea.
> I will suggest for a simple start like a bunch of link to resources
> like images, logos, colors. Latter, may be nice to have some blog
> templates. Even some backgrounds for identi.ca/twitter ... just
> letting my imagination fly.

Zoltan, Neville great idea - i think to start with putting ressources
together is a very good start - i also can think of simple scripts

as example to generate common looking Event Galeries in no-time like
Robert did:


cu Joerg

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