[Ambassadors] Goodbye

Francesco Ugolini fugolini at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jul 29 16:44:23 UTC 2010

In our life, sometime, it comes the time where the things you want to
do become far and, even you can try to keep up with it, all the
efforts result in a failure.

I think this is just the case. You don't know how disappointed I can
be writing these lines, but I can't fool myself and you with future
plans: i can't keep up with the project.

First of all I want to make clear one thing: I'm using Fedora Linux
and will continue to use it.

What is changed since I have joined the project?

I started contributing without any ambition and I received things that
I didn't expect to receive: experience, leadership and new friends.
These are the rewards for all the time I spent in the project, trying
to improve and make it bigger. I don't know if I have succeeded but,
sure, I've done all my best.

My student's duties took me away for a while, like it happened in the
previous years, but, when I went back, it wasn't the same. Thing were
changed and, damn, they had changed in better. Ambassadors project had
become well organized, with a great FAmSCo, great Ambassadors and
great mentors, but I wasn't able to work like I did. My fault. Soon I
have become an inactive Ambassador, like the many I've tried to
convince to come back.

I get more that I expected and now it's time to have new experiences
and find something that could boost my knowledge and energy. Sure, my
experience here will help wherever I'll go!

Now, here I'm. Writing this goodbye email with a sad heart, but a
conscious brain.

Many people didn't trust me at the beginning, then they changed mind.
These are the first ones I want to thank. If I've tried to improve
myself, it's because of you. I commend you to continue to do the same
with the men and women that empower this amazing community.

A big thank to all the people who helped me being what I become,
especially who I met during the events I attended around Europe and
the FAmSCo members I worked with.

Many of you have become part of my soul. Max, Joerg, Francesco, Luca,
Gerold and more and more (sorry if I can't name all of you). I'll
never forget you and I hope to stay in touch with you, even if not
directly for this special project.

Saying goodbye is not simple. You think at what you want to underline
and what to not forget but, at the end, you know you have missed
something, forget to thank someone and, maybe, think that you are
doing the wrong thing. But time is passing, things are changing and
looking back doesn't help taking the right decision.

So, here I am. Thank you my friends for everything. I wish you all my best.

Long life to Fedora Project, one of the marvelous experience I've ever had.


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