[Ambassadors] Call for Participation - Fedora 14 Talking Points

Ryan Rix ry at n.rix.si
Thu Jul 29 18:20:05 UTC 2010

Hello my Fedora friends!

Talking points are key highlights of the new release. They should be
compelling, but they will not necessarily be comprehensive. There are
different types of talking points for different types of people:
general desktop users/everyone, developers, and sysadmins.  For the
Fedora 14 cycle, we will also have talking points to address some of
the Spins. They are meant to provide a short, effective answer to the
question, "What cool stuff is in the latest release of Fedora?"

Each cycle, the Marketing team compiles a short list of approximately
three talking points for each of these audiences for the upcoming
release. For Fedora 14, they're found here:


If you have a talking point that you feel meets the criteria found on
the talking points SOP page at
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Talking_points_SOP, add it to the the
table on the F14 page with supporting information. Please make your
contributions and changes on the wiki page, so that the Marketing team
can efficiently capture and consider your input.

The Marketing team will make final adjustments to the list of talking
points at their meeting on August 3, which will be announced on the
marketing list and is open to everyone.  If you are interested in
attending the meeting, the agenda, location, and time details can be
found at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings.  Following
the meeting, the finalized list of talking points will be announced,
and posted to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_14_Talking_Points.

We welcome you to participate in the process!

All the best!
Ryan Rix

Ryan Rix
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