[Ambassadors] [OT] Problems with Fedora Planet

Manuel Escudero Jmlevick at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 10:08:27 UTC 2010

Hi, see, sometime ago I added my blog to fedora planet, I can't remember
exactly what I done but I accesed my public folder in fedora people and
replaced the ".planet" file with mine like in this video:


<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSDqNgS5Svo>The problem is that in that time
I had Fedora 12 KDE x86_64 and I remember it was quite difficult to
accomplish that task and now that I installed Fedora 13 (KDE x86_64) I can't
access to my Fedora People Folder, "Konsole" throws "Permisson Denied
(publickey)" error to me and well, I've created a new key and it's uploaded
in the FAS and it's also stored in my ".ssh" folder inside of my personal
Folder, but I can't access to my Fedora People Space... ¿What can I do? I
want to change my picture URL for fedora planet in order to put a new one
but I am unable to edit the ".planet" file stored in the server... ¿Can you
help me?

By the way, the firewall is disabled.


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