[Ambassadors] IDLELO 4 Report

Isaac Sanni-Thomas d3vnull.r00t at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 15:53:15 UTC 2010

Hello team,

Sorry for coming late with the report from Idlelo.

    *  Idlelo reported over 100 participants from around the world.
Amongst them was Ben Konrath from GNOME project with whom we had a joint
Exhibition booth. We also had John 'Maddog' Hall with us who proudly
shared Live Fedora 12 CD's.
We can proudly say that our booth had the largest visitors. At a point
we had to share responsibilities in order to be able to handle the crowd
that our booth had.

    * Since this was Fedora's first major event in Ghana/West Africa we
had lots of interest as more people wanted to know what Fedora was
coming to offer Ghanaians as well as what Fedora was all about. We also
had some visitors from Ivory Coast who said they did not have an
ambassador and hence didn't know much about Fedora.

    * The general question that seem to hit us at almost every second
was "What is the difference between Fedora and Ubuntu?". This was
coupled with people wanting to know features we had in Fedora that
Ubuntu did not have.

    * We received a lot suggestions about how to make our presence felt
in Africa. The most recurrent one was about Free Media. All our visitors
emphasized the fact that the reason why they are used to Ubuntu and know
more about Ubuntu is because of the Free CD program Ubuntu has. Ubuntu
hasnt held any event in Ghana but the Free CD program alone has won the
hearts of over 90% of Linux users in Ghana.

    * We were privileged to have Ben Konrath from GNOME using Fedora
mainly and people were happy to see GNOME 3 in action on his laptop.

    * Fedora had a translation session which was held by Pierros
teaching how people can contribute to translating Fedora to the Akan
language. There was also a panel discussion led by Pierros to discuss
the organizational structure of Fedora.

    * We gave away lots of live CD's and helped some people to format
their laptops to start using Fedora. We gave away some t-shirts and
badges. The most popular swag was the badges and the Live CD's. We were
so happy to see lots of people wear the badges around the Conference. It
showed how involved they want to be in Fedora.

    * Lots of people were interested in the OLPC as Pierros demonstrated
how its run on Fedora.

    * We are happy to introduce a new incoming member who was with
another distro by name Kennedy Kasina. He was glad to receive some swag
from us as that also motivated him a lot. He is being mentored by
Pierros in translation of Fedora to Swahili for Kenya and East African
countries speaking Swahili.

    * Fedora was the only distro that showed up and made a lot of
presence and impact during the event. A lot of thanks goes to Maddog who
took sharing of the Fedora 12 media upon himself during his talks. Since
the CD was coming from Maddog, a lot of people felt inspired to start
using Fedora immediately.

In all we had a pretty successful event. Currently we have some action
points for Ghana for the next few months and especially next year when
we will have expanded our user base.


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