[Ambassadors] EMEA media production

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 18 22:24:14 UTC 2010

Am Donnerstag, den 18.03.2010, 21:41 +0100 schrieb Sascha Thomas

> Background information:
> On delegation of the EMEA I was since November 2009 in negotiation
> with Max Spevack from Red Hat to arrange a way for Fedora Project to
> order the EMEA media without having Red Hat involved or controlling
> our media orders. So to say the Fedora Project would be able to handle
> this in its own.
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Media_production#EMEA

I don't understand why having RH involved is so bad - as long as the RH
employees do their job. I recall several Fedora contributors mailed
different RH people repeatedly but didn't receive a reply.

> Today:
> Last week Max and I were able to work out a statement. ->
> https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/a/ae/Media-bit.pdf
> Based upon this document I am eligible to handle orders of media from
> the company mentioned within the statement.
> This finally enables Fedora Project to design its very own process
> and/or tool(s) to have its media decided and produced.
> What are your ideas? How can such a process look like? Who will be (or
> is) eligible to decide which media kinds will be produced?

As the media are used by the ambassadors for promotion, IMHO it's on the
ambassadors to decide what and in which quantity is produced.

> Where will it be shipped? 

Shipping worked fine in the past and I don't see a reason to change
anything there.

> Can we have a tool handling this process?

What kind of tool are you thinking about? IMO we need a work flow but
not a tool. Of course everything should be documented in the wiki so it
is transparent to everybody. 

> How can we make it fair for everyone?

We never can. :( Some people want more KDE, others Xfce or LDXE. Some
think i686 is important, others advocate x86_64. So we cannot order what
we want but what the users request.

As a starting point I suggest to look at the torrent statistics at 
The page gives nice information about what our users prefer.

I suggest the following work flow:

     1. One person is in charge of media production. While he is not
        responsible for any decisions, he has to coordinate all the
        different parties involved e.g. ambassadors, design team and the
        media company. Let's call him the media wrangler for now.
        Currently the wrangler would be you (sspreitzer), but we could
        also have a new wrangler for each release if it turns out to be
        too exhausting for a single person.
     2. At time of the alpha release the ambassadors decide about the
        general direction, e.g. do we want spins media. This should be
        done in a regular IRC meeting. For the 13 release cycle this
        means we are already late and have to hurry up.
     3. Based on the decision of the ambassadors the media wrangler
        works out a detailed plan. This includes things like i686 vs.
        i86_64 or the quantity of the different spins (if the
        ambassadors decided to do any).
     4. At this point the wrangler already knows which media is going to
        be produced, so he can already file a ticket at the design team
     5. In the next meeting the ambassadors ratify the suggestion made
        by the media wrangler. This should be done by the time of the
        beta release latest.
     6. The wrangler takes care that everything is produced as decided
        by the ambassadors. He informs them about the progress or the
        difficulties in the regular IRC meetings.

You think this will work? Is it to complicated? What do you guys think?


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