[Ambassadors] EMEA F13 media order revisited

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Sun May 2 20:39:34 UTC 2010

Hello world,

in the last meeting the EMEA ambassadors decided to order 6000 F13
2000 GNOME live i686
2000 Install DVD i386
2000 Install DVD x86_64

I just talked to Jörg and it seems that this *way is too much, even with
Africa who might need more media as there only is slow internet. Jörg
just told me that last year we had 880 media each live and install, this
means 1760 in total.

1500 GNOME Live i686
1000 DVDs i386
1000 DVDx x86_64
3500 media, already twice as much as last year! Enough even if we give a
large amount to Africa.

According to the numbers Sascha gave us in the last meeting this should
be around 3200 US $ I guess. Of course the value for money is not as
good as on the big order but I doubt we really can spend all the media
throughout the F13 cycle and if we order less, we still have money for
the spins.

1000 KDE Live i686
500 LXDE Live i686
500 Xfce Live i686
2000 Spin media, should be enough and hopefully affordable within the
current budget.

What do you people think of these numbers? Do they sound reasonable?

I asked Sascha to get mire quotes for different numbers (500, 1000,
1500) from the media company and I think we need to revisit this topic
in the next EMEA ambassadors meeting because we should not waste our
money for media we will never be able to spend. If we spend so much
money, we should at least spend it on more variety.


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