[Ambassadors] New regional Ambassador Mentors

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Mon Nov 8 14:49:31 UTC 2010

Dear Larry,

>> > Then do the work!
>> Yes, that's one of my aims when elected to FAmSco.
> Marcus --
> Does this mean you're not doing any work until you are elected to FAmSCo? I
> think Joerg's point is that mentors are chosen by merit, and you have to
> prove yourself worthy. It's not a popularity contest.

No, definitly not. But as you can read from the discussion it's quite
hard to getting things done together. If not elected I am going to
raise this question to FAmSCo anyhow.

At the moment I got the feeling that there are some 'new' guys and
girls (count myself in) who are a bit frustrated (maybe just because
they do not fully understand the process). I am not here to fight
against the 'old guys' and even honour their work. My aim is to get a
bit closer together. The kind of replies I get from Joerg are just not
givin' me the feeling these kind of improvements are welcome.


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