[Ambassadors] New regional Ambassador Mentors

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 8 16:26:35 UTC 2010

Am Montag, den 08.11.2010, 16:40 +0100 schrieb Marcus Moeller:
> Dear Christoph,
> >> So is it also clear how many mentoring slots are available for each
> >> region?
> >
> > Given that you have read and understood what I just wrote there is no
> > clearly defined number of "slots". There are valued contributors on the
> > one hand and people in need for mentorship in the other. Th board's job
> > is to find the balance between these numbers.
> Yes, that's the current situation which leads to the point that ppl do
> not know when a position is available. Maybe there could also be
> something like a waiting list for the one's who are interested in
> these kind of jobs and where they could describe their ideas and
> goals. I understand that slots might not be the best way to handle
> this.

Hi Marcus,

I think you still didn't understand the concept. It's not about 'slots'
or 'jobs', it's about work that needs to be done. When there is work, we
need someone to do it. When there is a lack of mentors, FAMSCo will ask
valued contributors if they could step up.

How would you handle that with 'slots'? Slots per region? Slots per
ambassadors? Per interested people? I doubt that we can find a rule that
fits for everybody and every region.

Back in the days I volunteered to become a mentor - and just like you I
was refused because at that time there was no need. Later I was asked to
become one - and this time I refused because I was already busy with
other things. Nevertheless I always tried to help new contributors - you
know best as I was the one to help you when you joined.

Even if you are not a mentor you can always help new contributors and do
the work that needs to be done.

Think of the FUDCon you helped to organize in Z├╝rich: You didn't do it
to get the title of "Chief Executive FUDCon Organizer" or because there
was a free FUDCon 'slot' for Europe. You did it because we *needed*
someone to do it, otherwise it would not have happened, otherwise we
would have missed a great opportunity to meet and collaborate.

You see: No need for a title, no need for more rules, but need for
people getting things done(TM).

This being said I think you have raised enough questions. If you think
the process needs to be improved, I suggest you prepare something in the
wiki, then we can discuss it and give it to FAmSCo for ratification.

Sounds like a plan?


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