[Ambassadors] New regional Ambassador Mentors

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Mon Nov 8 18:42:48 UTC 2010

Dear Christoph,

> I think you still didn't understand the concept. It's not about 'slots'
> or 'jobs', it's about work that needs to be done. When there is work, we
> need someone to do it. When there is a lack of mentors, FAMSCo will ask
> valued contributors if they could step up.
> How would you handle that with 'slots'? Slots per region? Slots per
> ambassadors? Per interested people? I doubt that we can find a rule that
> fits for everybody and every region.
> Back in the days I volunteered to become a mentor - and just like you I
> was refused because at that time there was no need. Later I was asked to
> become one - and this time I refused because I was already busy with
> other things. Nevertheless I always tried to help new contributors - you
> know best as I was the one to help you when you joined.
> Even if you are not a mentor you can always help new contributors and do
> the work that needs to be done.
> Think of the FUDCon you helped to organize in Z├╝rich: You didn't do it
> to get the title of "Chief Executive FUDCon Organizer" or because there
> was a free FUDCon 'slot' for Europe. You did it because we *needed*
> someone to do it, otherwise it would not have happened, otherwise we
> would have missed a great opportunity to meet and collaborate.
> You see: No need for a title, no need for more rules, but need for
> people getting things done(TM).
> This being said I think you have raised enough questions. If you think
> the process needs to be improved, I suggest you prepare something in the
> wiki, then we can discuss it and give it to FAmSCo for ratification.
> Sounds like a plan?

Yeah, sounds good :)


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