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Xavier Naldo xm4nfedoralinux at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 20:46:36 UTC 2010

OK, The Fedora Release Party went good this time!!!
We had a number of attendees and onlookers too.
The event was all about the release of Fedora 14 and the features at a
glance. I gave a mini-talk about the way how community code and ideas get
integrated into features of which gets further integrated into foundations
and apps for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
We also discussed some differences between Redhat-based distros and
Debian-based distros. Towards the latter half of the event, we watched all
videos related to Linux and its application to the real world in all aspects
of life.
At the end there was a swag give-away and everyone in the event got a piece
of swag to take home and took home some live CD's and install DVD's too.
All in all, it was a good event and good times!!

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