[Ambassadors] OpenMind 2010, Helsinki, Finland

Harish Pillay harish.pillay at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 09:05:20 UTC 2010

> ti, 2010-11-09 kello 16:10 +0800, Harish Pillay kirjoitti:
>> Thanks for informing us. Would you be able to give out any
>> Fedora 14 media perhaps?
> I don't have any, I'm not even sure if we've produced any here in EMEA
> yet. I do have some Fedora 13 media, I'll take some with me. Even if
> it's not the latest and greatest, it's still good for about six months.

Yes, that would be a good start.  You might also want to bring along
a thumbdrive containing the F14 ISOs so that those who want to can
take a copy from you.


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