[Ambassadors] Going passive

Sascha Thomas Spreitzer sspreitzer at fedoraproject.org
Tue Nov 9 14:19:48 UTC 2010

Hello Chris,

I will be helping you and the other friends I made as much as I can,
now and in future.

Regarding the impact on Fedora Linux I am in an ethic argument with myself.
(... Contributing vs. Exploiting workforce ...)

>> The duties I am leaving open and which will be impacting are;
>> - EMEA media production (F14 still open?)
> Did you place an order? You are the only one who can do it.

I did not place any orders for F14.
RedHat is able to order.
As you know from the email conversation Max Spevack and I had (you on
CC), RedHat is more then willing to give you the same procuration, in
wet ink, as I have.

>> - Dual layer DVD approach
> Even if I cannot change your mind, I'd like to ask you to help me with
> the dual layer DVD and at least reply to the questions I sent you by
> mail nearly 2 weeks ago. It's a ironic I have been fighting so hard
> mainly with people from the board and with a @redhat.com email and now
> you let me and the community down. Again: We are not your enemies, we
> are the wrong people to punish.

Once you start "fighting" (aka. discussing hard) where you shold be
friends is the point where my brain made *click*.

I will be letting down RedHat here. The friends I have and made, I
will never let go down.
If there will be a "Freedora" with statutes amended by the people and
property owned by (all) the people, count me into it.

Regarding the emails you sent 2 weeks ago, you mentioned you know the
way to do it, but you do not have the time and the hardware to do it.
This is where I have my ethic argument now; Using my root server to
make Fedora Linux more popular and valuable so more contributors
invest their workforce into Fedora Linux which is all property of one
company... ;(

But, maybe RedHat can pay employees and buy the box and 100mbits
connection in shortest time so F14 can have a leverage on the media

>> - some packages
> Please follow the orphaning procedure [1].

Thank you for that information, I was looking for that.

> Sascha, all I can say is I'm sorry to see you leave. As you know I have
> always supported you and I will continue doing so when you decide to
> come back.

Thank you my friend. I will not be gone. I will still float arround,
maybe we will be working together on some other project in future, who
I loved to collaborate with you, it has been a pleasure and an honour.


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