[Ambassadors] Request for comments : Fedora media distribution process draft

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Thu Nov 11 20:09:04 UTC 2010

Dear Ankur Sinha,

> All of us like spreading Fedora to people around us. A major part of
> this is accomplished by speaking about Fedora (spreading the word) and
> providing interested users with Fedora media so they can try it out.
> The Fedora Distribution process[1] was initially set up as the central
> point of contact that was to handle and coordinate the different
> channels that are available to spread Fedora media around. Over the
> years, sadly, the coordination has been lost, and now we see the
> channels as independent bits.
> As a small example: You'll find tickets in the free media list from
> folks who have Ambassadors in their vicinities themselves. If the
> channels were coordinated, we could ask these people to contact the
> Ambassadors nearby and get themselves media burnt : saving time, effort
> *and* enabling the free media to be used for other people who don't have
> Ambassadors around them.
> Some of us have recently been working on tweaking the process. We've
> come up with a draft here[1] that we'd like you to please review and
> comment on. We also need more hands on board to help us bring this
> change about :)
> Can you please go through the page and provide your valuable feedback?

I personally find the code stuff (if, then, else) quite funny but it
might be a bit too technical for others.


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