[Ambassadors] Fedora 14 Release Event at Managua, Nicaragua

Neville A. Cross nacross at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 02:44:15 UTC 2010

I am dead tired and my head is trying to process all things that this
day has brought. I will make a beautiful and complete report.

By now I wanted to share some quick random data about the event.

At some point I make a head count and we have 50 people in the hall,
not sure how many people were crowding the OLPC stand and the Fedora
stand in the lobby in front of the conference hall. Later there was
more people coming, but I did not have time to do another head count.
I have to look what the registries said.

We distributed 5 KDE LiveCD, 11 Gnome LiveCD and 27 Install DVD. There
was a lot of leaflets, but ony were distributed 19. Stickers were
about 25 case badges (paper, not shiny) and 50 Fedora Bubbles. 18
T-shirts were distributed.

We have people from three different entities talking about their
experiences using Fedora: one web developer firm, one NGO and one
foundation. The foundation is the one carrying the most successful
OLPC implementations in Nicaragua.

Besides talking about experiences with Fedora we got one talk about
what is fedora, one about what is new in fedora 14, using YUM, and one
about post-install. What was most dazzling was one person showing XBMC
running in Fedora.

I want to say that was a charming chaotic event. We have some problems
during the event, but we have new people at the mike talking about
Fedora. I was told that one girl throw up before the event as she was
nervous, but then she gathered courage and stand in front of the crowd
to make her presentation. I also very happy that three talks were
given by girls. We got some lessons learned the hard way, but not to
bad to make look bad the event.

The final point is that for Managua, release party is not over yet...
we have another smaller event this saturday !!

Best regards!

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