[Ambassadors] Event report : Athens Digital Week 2010

Konstantinos Antonakoglou anton.cost at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 19:33:48 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

I should have sent this report a month earlier but unfortunately I

To the point!

Athens Digital Week 2010 was a successful event for Fedora once more! In
general it is a major event as it has many sections (from music to
robotics) and as a consequence a *lot* of attendance. We were of course
at the Open Source section.

We had booth presence that was supported from a lot of members of the
Greek Fedora community. We also made 3 talks. I did one for Fedora 14,
Anastasis Stasinopoulos made one for Fedora Security Lab and Christos
Bacharakis presented "Fedora on Education". I must say there was
interest for Fedora Electronic Lab too. In general a successful

Furthermore, one of the keynote talks was made by Jon "maddog" Hall, who
also thanked Pierros Papadeas (who invited him) and the Greek Fedora

For more info check the post on my blog [1]

[1] http://antonakoglou.com/2010/11/16/adw-2010-recap/

Konstantinos Antonakoglou
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