[Ambassadors] Issue raised at 2nd FAmSCo townhall

Larry Cafiero larry.cafiero at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 15:23:15 UTC 2010

Hello, all --

I was unable to attend the second FAmSCo town hall -- to be honest, it was
at 2 a.m. my time and I fell asleep before it started -- and while I don't
have any specific disagreements with any of the other candidates'
statements, I do have a significant problem with this one:

11:25:08 <kaio> 2. I would rephrase that into "Upgrade the ambassadors
to superambassadors." - multi-functional ambassadors
who specialize also in something they prefer: Development, Design,
Documentation, Infrastructure, Testing, Marketing,
Release, etc. I expect superambassadors are keen to share their
knowledge and experiences via presentations and
discussions in meet-ups.

I am not sure what this suggestion means. Does it mean making a higher
"level" of ambassador membership? Taking this back to front, don't
ambassadors already "share their knowledge and experience via presentations
and discussions in meet-ups"? My understanding is that many Ambassadors wear
several hats in the Fedora Project (no pun intended -- no, really) -- and
while we all contribute to the Ambassador program at our own level, it's
expected thatt $AMBASSADOR_A who knows x, y, z is already imparting that
knowledge at presentations, etc., s/he is doing.

In other words, the multifunction aspect here is already in place and should
be a part of an individual Ambassador's toolkit when s/he advocates for FOSS
in general and Fedora in particular.

Again, if this is a suggestion to make a different, possibly higher, tier of
ambassador, I am completely against it.

We are already trying to dispel a myth that the mentors in FAmSCo hold some
sort of special "rank and privilege" within the organizational structure of
FAmSCo. The last thing we need is to add fuel to this inequality "fire" by
adding ranks where none should exist.

Larry Cafiero
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