[Ambassadors] Ambassador Wear - APAC focused

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Sun Nov 21 20:18:35 UTC 2010

sön 2010-11-21 klockan 09:53 -0600 skrev John T. Rose:

> I go a bit further and dislike them even saying Ambassadors on them.
> Something appeals to me about producing things that can be used by a
> much broader audience. At the same time I do subscribe to the "those
> making them decide what goes on them" philosophy.

Can only speak for myself here with two legs in fedora (packager and now
ambassador). And for me it's a good thing the Fedora ambassador polo
shirt says ambassador. It reminds ourself and the environment around us
that we know what Fedora stands for and is happy to talk about it. This
is something practically not required at all from the other contributor
roles. If it did not say ambassador I would probably not have bought the
Polo Shirt and instead opted for the cheaper printed t-shirt.

This obviously do not exclude the idea of having similar neutral wear
like the Fedora T-shirt, pins, pens, stickers, DVDs, etc etc.


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