[Ambassadors] Issue raised at 2nd FAmSCo townhall

Caius 'kaio' Chance kaio at fedoraproject.org
Sun Nov 21 21:32:51 UTC 2010

2010/11/21 Neville A. Cross <nacross at gmail.com>

> Today I was asked once more off list how to achieve that mentor status.
> I was thinking that one of the standards, milestones or proof of being
> ready to be mentor may be that the ambassador has conducted one
> workshop (live or IRC) of ambassadors tips and training. There has
> been three or four of such workshops on fedora-class room. I think
> that this is not a full anwser, and do not solve all the questions
> raised around this topic. But it may be one point among others to
> discuss.
> Something along the line... "If you feel ready to face a bunch of
> people to tell them how to conduct as ambassador, and also reply
> inreal time any question they may have about that, then you are
> getting closer to be candidate to be mentor"
> I am offering this as suggestion, to be part of a more complex
> explanation of the people/soft skills expected from ambassadors who
> takes this extra work.
IMHO, the requirements to become a mentors could be put into three parts:

   - Organizationally, mentor knows the procedures of checks listed on the
   FP wiki pages, such as FAS account set up, CLA cert set up, user page on
   wiki, subscription of ambassador list, etc.

   - Spiritually, mentor knows the meanings of ambassadors beyond code of
   conduct on the FP wiki pages, such as how to find and fit in the existing
   Fedora or general Linux community in their town/city/country, how to
   introduce Fedora to non-users, how to take all opportunities for telling
   people that you are a proud Fedora Ambassador and Fedora Contributor.

   - Physically, mentor knows how to handle all questions raised from
   ambassadors. If mentor does not know the answer, would do their best to
   research it with the ambassadors timely. Mentor is patient and out-going,
   too. As Neville said, they should do workshops in fedora-class also.

At the end of the day, it is may not be an academic way with textbooks and
exams, but mentor way with communication and reviews.


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